Meeting Tuesday, August 13th

Did you know that there is a Democratic candidate for every district in the General Assembly that includes parts of Suffolk?  Check it out: House of Delegates District 64: Michele… Read more »

** Canceled ** INITIAL CALL TO CAUCUS TO NOMINATE A DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE 64th District, Virginia House of Delegates

** This caucus has been canceled ** The 64th District Democratic Nominating Committee will hold an unassembled caucus (firehouse primary) on Saturday, June 8, 2019, between 1pm and 4pm at… Read more »

76th HOD Caucus Canceled

The caucus to nominate a Democratic candidate for the 76th District of the House of Delegates is canceled ( Below is from the previous update ) Please note the changes… Read more »

HRYD Happy Hour

Tickets: Hampton Roads Young Democrats HRYD Happy Hour! General Admission: $10 Host Level: $100 Commonwealth Level $250 March 30, 2019 7 PM Brick Anchor Brew House 241 Granby… Read more »