Voting & Voter Supression
After losing control of the White House and the U.S. Senate, the GOP responded by trying to make voting even harder. A whole slew of voter suppression bills are being introduced nationwide in Republican-controlled states legislatures, and of particular concern are crucial swing states. On Saturday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the For the...
Voter suppression; gerrymandering; fake news; hacking. All of these are threats to our democracy. But our biggest threat is people not registering to vote and voters not getting to the polls! The Suffolk Democratic Committee is working with other local organizations to register voters during National Night Out and other events in and around Suffolk....
Another exciting election season is upon us (because it’s always an election year in Virginia), and volunteers are ready to knock on doors and make phone calls. We’re going to be reminding voters that they can and must turn out and vote to make sure our representatives represent them! We’ll be holding a phone bank...
SB 523, A bill requiring that polling locations have photographs of registered voters, has passed the Virginia Senate and has moved to the House. The text of the bill is: SB 523 (Obenshain) Voter identification; electronic pollbooks to contain photographs of voters. Requires electronic pollbooks to contain the photographs of registered voters that are obtained...

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