Does Jen Know What Her Colleagues Are Doing?

Just last week, our member of Congress chose to highlight her "support" for the defense industry by visiting Fairlead Integrated. It was your standard Congressional photo op - or at least it would have been any time before 2023. These days it's more of a desperate attempt to hide from the fact about what her Republican colleagues have in mind for defense.

Last month, Kiggans' fellow Republicans in the hilariously named "House Freedom Caucus" put together their budget demands. While most of the focus was (understandably) on the domestic spending they hoped to cut to the bone, they rather sneakily asked for a reduction of nearly $1 trillion in defense spending over the next decade. How, by refusing to let defense spending rise every year from now until 2033 - never mind the war in Ukraine, the Chinese Communist regime's military buildup in East Asia, and the resurgence of the Taliban.

What has Jen said about her fellow GOPers looking to cut defense? Nothing.

That silence is screaming something. We still haven't seen an actual budget from the House Republicans, but it's likely we'll at least see something budget-ish when the party makes its demands for lifting the debt ceiling. Will Jen speak out then? Or will she wait for places like Fairlead to go under?