Inflation is Global. Democrats are Helping Americans Get Through It

Inflation is all over the world but in the United States, inflation is lower than in Europe and several other nations, and we have better employment rates.

Republicans want you to believe that inflation is caused by the policies which softened the impact here. They’re not completely wrong and spending is a factor. But we know what is causing inflation: People getting back to work after the pandemic and Russia’s illegal war, which is affecting global energy and food supplies.

And while U.S. spending contributed to inflation, inflation is still lower in the U.S. than several other developed nations, and the benefits outweighed the cost. As noted by David Lynch writing for the Washington Post:

Indeed, in the 18 months since the rescue plan was signed into law, the economic landscape has been transformed. More than 8 million Americans who were jobless in March 2021 are now working. The economy last year posted its fastest growth since 1984 and ended the year more than 3 percent larger than before the pandemic.

What would Republicans have us do? Just last week, the United Kingdom almost destroyed their economy by doing what Republicans would: Lowering taxes for the wealthy.

You have to go back to Ronald Reagan to find a Republican president who left the economy in better shape at the end of his term than it was at the beginning, and Reagan tripled the national deficit with massive borrowing and spending.

Times are hard, but they could be worse. Republicans are having a field day with the pain that Russia and the pandemic are causing us. They hope you’re too lazy to find out how that pain is affecting the world and how the United States is handling it compared to other nations.

“Do your own research” became a catch phrase during the pandemic, but those who chanted it actually wanted you to ignore the facts. Don’t ignore the facts now. Take a look at the causes of inflation and how it’s affecting nations across the globe. You’ll find that Republicans who blame our hardship on Biden are lying, and you’ll probably support and vote for Democratic candidates like Elaine Luria, who are helping us get through it.

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