Minutes of the General Meeting of April 12, 2022

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by chairperson Leslie Rinaldi

Standard Reports

Benjamin Goldberg presented the minutes which were approved. Catherine Anson presented the financial report which was filed for audit

Nadarius Clark for Virginia House of Delegates District 84

Nadarius Clark addressed the committee. Mr. Clark is delegate for House of Delegates district 79 but will be running for the 84th due to redistricting. Mr. Clark noted that the district will be competitive. Mr. Clark said that the House of Delegates is not representative of Virginians was such as 30 percent of eligible voters are under 30 but only 11 percent of the HOD is. Mr. Clark’s campaign website is clarkfordelegate.com


Robin Holton moved that Orlena Lewis, Brandon Randleman, and Isaac Baker be admitted as new members and the motion passed


Dorothy Waddell, Patricia Jacobson, and Robin Holton spoke for the Outreach committee. They spoke about canvassing events including door-to-door canvassing which will be every Saturday, a letters to the editor event which was to be Sunday April 24th, and phone banking. Signup sheets were passed around for volunteers


Karen Jenkins said the date for the Community Leaders Luncheon, which had been suspended since the Covid outbreak, will be July 30th. Ms. Jenkins also said they events committee is planning events such as voter registration events at the park.

Fundraising Events

Catherine Anson announced plans to hold a barbecue fundraiser. She asked for a motion to go ahead and spend what she estimated at no more than $1,000, but said that is a high estimate. Patricia Jacobson moved that the fundraiser be approved and the motion passed. Ms. Anson also said the fundraising committee will be planning for a pancake breakfast, and she and Leslie Rinaldi spoke about post-card fundraising

Ms. Anson and Ms. Rinaldi also spoke about Rural Labs, an organization which helps committees with fundraising and recruitment. The organization is approved by the DPVA. Ms. Anson wrote a grant proposal to Rural Labs and is awaiting their reply

School Board, Electoral Board, and City Council Meetings

Leslie Rinaldi asked that members attend school board, electoral board and city council meetings.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:12