Minutes of the General Meeting of March 8th, 2022

Call to Order and Routine Reports

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 by chairperson Leslie Rinaldi.  The minutes from February’s meeting, which Benjamin Goldberg emailed to members, were accepted.  The Treasurer’s report was presented by Catherine Anson and filed separately



Councilmember Lou Ward addressed the committee.  He thanked the committee for our support with the redistricting map, and Jonnie Edwards for his work


Robert Barclay named four pending members who were ready to be voted in.  Ora McGuire from Huntersville,  Ebony Wright from Bennet’s Creek, Natalie Grayson from Nansemond River, and Lucien Penn from John F. Kennedy.  Arthur Bredemeyer moved to accept these members and the motion passed

A Membership application was received from Orlena Lewis who will be voted on at the next meeting.  A membership payment was received from Rev. Isaac Baker but we don’t have his application.  A membership application and payment were received for Brandon Randleman but Votebuilder shows his address as Windsor


D.J. McGuire said the Outreach committee met and assigned duties to members.  He said the Outreach committee will be working on the monthly newsletter.  Mr. McGuire also said an issue to focus on would be the how many Republicans seem to be aligned with the Kremlin

Leslie Rinaldi said that Ora McGuire will chair the Social Media committee

Precincts and Boroughs

Pat Jacobson said she was surprised by the positive response of people she encountered when canvassing for Elaine Luria and encouraged committee members and others to get involved.  She said she had invited people she spoke to to a get-together and said she’d like to see collaboration on similar events

Elaine Luria Campaign

Emily Hamm from the Luria campaign addressed the committee and said she was hoping to get the ballot petitions by the 14th.  She thanked the committee for our support in circulating the petitions and said she was starting phone banking


Catherine Anson said the finance committee discussed several fundraising ideas but made the most progress on the barbecue idea. Alen Holton She said regarding fundraising events that people might shy away from attending a political event and might be more attracted if we worked with or donated money to a charitable organization and emphasized that the event was for the benefit of that organization.  Other committee members objected to what seemed like shying away from advertising that we’re Democrats.  Michele Faulk said she wanted to shout about being a Democrat.

Tyron Riddick said we should be careful about raising money then giving to an organization that isn’t going to help our goals.  He said in the current climate we have to aggressively fundraise.  He also said young people don’t understand why they should vote and the committee should emphasize politics at our events


Karen Jenkins said the community leaders luncheon is still on.  There was a discussion about the timeline in selecting new honorees.  It was agreed that April was too soon to plan to hold the luncheon and we should consider holding it in June

Electoral Board Meetings and School Board Meetings

Leslie Rinaldi said the electoral board members have requested that more Democrats attend the meetings.  She said that several issues have been raised at the meeting which should cause concern, including ideas to purge pulls, ideas to publish personal identifying information on anyone who speaks at the meetings.  Sharon Eaton said the incoming republican chair is responsible for many of these changes.

Beverly Outlaw spoke to say that half a dozen Republics show up at every meeting and are very vocal and aggressive, but when a lot of Democrats are in the room they are less aggressive

Leslie Rinaldi said that we should have a rotating schedule for members to attend meetings.

Similar comments were made about school board meetings and said some of the attendees were "nasty and rude".  Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck, who is a member of the school board, said she had received disturbing comments and emails.   She said that police had to escort school board members home from meetings.

New Meeting Location

Leslie Rinaldi announced that the next meeting will be at Rennee’s Celebration Center at  178 E Washington St


Robert Barclay moved to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:27