Minutes of the Suffolk Democratic Committee Reorganization Caucus and General Meeting

Call to Order of the Caucus

The reorganization caucus was called to order at 7:07pm by caucus chairperson Sharon Eaton. The start of the caucus was delayed due to counting of committee membership candidacy declarations. The caucus started with a count of 48 declarations of candidacy of which 17 were submitted on-line and 31 on paper

Ms. Eaton delegated the proceedings of the caucus to Robert Barclay. Mr. Barclay appointed Benjamin Goldberg as secretary of the caucus.

Membership in the Suffolk Democratic Committee

Robert Barclay declared the candidates who submitted applications to be members of the Suffolk Democratic Committee. Voting on members would not be necessary since there were fewer candidates than the 270 permitted by bylaws.

Adjournment of the Caucus

The reorganization caucus was adjourned at 7:10pm

Call to Order of the Suffolk Democratic Committee General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Sharon Eaton at 7:10pm. The committee had a quorum. As of 7:43 the meeting was chaired by Leslie Rinaldi

Minutes and FInancial Report

The December minutes were approved pending a request by Narendra Pleas that the minutes reflect the fact that she left the room during a discussion about challenges to Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck’s position on the school board. Robert Barclay moved to conditionally approve the minutes and the motion passed

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report which was filed separately. Ms. Anson noted the lack of fundraising events due to covid restrictions had left the committee with less money than what the committee had at the start of the year, and said the committee should consider different fundraising options in the upcoming year.

Ms. Anson also called for an auditing committee. Charles Owens and Narendra Pleas volunteered

Appointment of Officers

Robert Barclay moved that the previous committee’s officers be reappointed to the current committee. The motion did not pass

Michele Faulk declined to be considered for reappointment as parliamentarian

Dorothy Waddell nominated Leslie Rinaldi for chairperson.

Art Bredemeyer nominated Sharon Eaton to be reappointed as chairperson

D.J. McGuire moved that the uncontested candidates for officers be reappointed. The motion passed.

Leslie Rinaldi was elected as chairperson by a combination of paper ballot, text messages sent to Benjamin Goldberg, and by phone call to Catherine Anson

Art Bredemeyer was appointed as parliamentarian by acclimation

D.J. McGuire was appointed as outreach chair by acclimation


Leslie Rinaldi called for volunteers noting that 2022 will be a difficult year but would provide opportunities for Suffolk. D.J. McGuire said that voting rights should be the top priority for the upcoming year


Karen Jenkins expressed hope that the committee will be able to host the community leaders luncheon this year. The upcoming luncheon will honor those chosen for canceled events as well as new honorees


D.J. McGuire said that the new maps will put Suffolk in Elaine Lauria’s district, and that the district will be competitive.

Recognizing deceased members and supporters

Michele Faulk said she was asked if the committee could write a letter in recognition of Margaret Barnes, who recently passed. The committee usually sends a card. After discussion, there was no motion to set a specific criteria by which the committee would decide when or for whom to send such a letter.

Instead, Robert Barclay moved that the committee prepare a resolution honoring Margaret Barnes in the form of a letter to be presented to the family. The motion passed


Several fundraising ideas were discussed. Shameka Council proposed a gayla. She also discussed an organization called funds2orgs which provides donations in exchange for gently used footwear.


Benjamin Goldberg requested that any invocations be considerate of the various religions and beliefs of members and potential members

Meeting Location

Catherine Anson asked for approval to pay for six more months of meetings at the Hampton Inn. Committee members agreed that we should look for a less expensive venue, but there was disagreement about signing up for another six months. Benjamin Goldberg moved that Ms. Anson be granted approval to sign up for six months if no alternate venue is found before it is too late to do so. The motion passed


The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM