Minutes of the Suffolk Democratic Committee General Meeting of December 14, 2021

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:41 by chairperson Sharon Eaton. The committee had a quorum

Routine Reports

The minutes of October and November, which had been emailed to members by Benjamin Goldberg, were approved. The November meeting had no quorum to approve October’s minutes.

Catherine Anson presented treasurer’s report

Reorganization of the Suffolk Democratic Committee

Robert Barclay went over the proceedings for the reorganization caucus to be held in January. Mr. Barclay presents a draft of the call to caucus. Rev. Isaac Baker noticed a mistake in the address. Dorothy Waddell moved that the draft be accepted with the correction. The motion passed


Leslie Rinaldi discussed redistricting and specifically discussed the redistricting of the City of Suffolk. Ms. Rinaldi said she was seeking volunteers for a redistricting committee. Ms. Rinaldi emphasized that she wanted the redistricting committee to be separate from the Suffolk Democratic Committee and made up of different citizens representing the precincts

Regarding statewide redistricting, Ms. Rinaldi noted that the City of Suffolk will no longer be in the 76th and the 64th district


Karen Jenkins said that our deposit for the Community Leaders Luncheon is still held at the Hilton Garden, and we still plan on holding the luncheon at a future date.

Members discussed the pancake breakfast fundraiser and it was agreed that it would be unlikely to hold that fundraiser in the foreseeable future

Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck

Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck spoke about the effort some people are making to remove her from the school board, including a petition accusing her for being responsible for lawsuits against the board. Committee members expressed support for Dr. Brooks-Buck. Robert Barclay noted that they have a few hurdles ahead – the first being to get the required signatures.

Citing possible conflict of interest, Narendra Pleas, who is the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Suffolk, left the room during this discussion.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57