Minutes of the General Meeting of October 12, 2021

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:44 by Chairperson Sharon Eaton. The meeting had a quorum. The minutes, which Benjamin Goldberg had posted and emailed, were approved. Catherine Anson presented and filed the treasurer’s report


Robert Barclay said two members had submitted applications but since the committee will be reorganized soon, he said the membership committee will not nominate them for membership this month.

Boroughs and Precincts

Shameka council made call for volunteers to help with campaigns and to work at the polls. Sharon Eaton pointed out that early voting was occurring and that she and others had been volunteering at the polling location at the registrar’s office

Voter Outreach

Leslie Rinaldi said five new voters signed up during SDC’s voter registration event at high schools, and said they also campaigned at bus stops. Ms. Rinaldi said yard signs were available at Clint Jenkins’s office and asked for volunteers to distribute and put out yard signs. She also said training was available for poll workers and voter protection volunteers, and there is a need for volunteers for those positions

Sample Ballots for Districts and Precincts

There was a discussion about coordination with Micheal Drewry’s campaign. Catherine Anson and others emphasized that the 64th House of Delegates district should not be left out of the committee’s campaign efforts. Sharon Eaton pointed out that the Drewry Campaign has not been as involved with the committee as others such as Clint Jenkins and Narendra Please, but said she would contact Michael Drewry and work with him to ensure his campaign message is included.

Sharon Eaton moved that each candidate be included in Suffolk’s Sample Ballots and the motion passed.

Campaign Mailers

Robert Barclay moved that the committee appropriate up to $1500 for campaign mailing, and that all Democrats running in Suffolk be invited to be involved in the effort and the motion passed

Natalie Grayson said with the proposed money going towards postage and material, she would take care of labeling and mailing the literature for free.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm