Celebrate Sunday Voting October 24

With so many people working multiple shifts at part time jobs and so many lacking transportation, measures that make it easier to vote are good for all of us.  

The Suffolk Electoral Board has approved a special voting day Sunday, October 24, 2021.  The only polling location on Sunday will be the Suffolk Registrar’s office at 440 Market Street.  

The NAACP in Suffolk will be celebrating this opportunity and helping people get to the polls with a Souls to the Polls event.  At 12:40, voters and supporters will assemble at the Macedonia AME Church at 127 Pine Street, then walk to the registrar’s office.  

The celebration will include a cookout.  

Sunday voting will close at 5:00 PM, but those on line will be allowed to vote.  

Come join the NAACP and other voters and supporters at the Macedonia AME Church at 127 Pine Street on Sunday, October 24 at 12:45, or meet us at 440 Market Street. 

The Suffolk Democratic Committee is not a sponsor of the celebration. The NAACP is not affiliated with the Suffolk Democratic Committee and is not endorsing any candidates in this election.

Celebrate the Vote!

Image includes people marching and the following text: NANSEMOND-SUFFOLK NAACP Souls to the polls (masks required)
Sunday October  24 Suffolk Registrar's Office 440 Market Street
1pm - 5pm
Unity March Same Day 12:40pm from Macedonia AME 127 Pine Street, Suffolk ending at the Suffolk Registrar's Office
Food and Beverages will be provided
Nansemond-Suffolk NAACP does not endorse any candidate for office
Image of the word "Vote"

Note: An earlier version had the start time as 12:45 instead of 12:40