Minutes of the Suffolk Democratic Committee General Meeting of September 14, 2021

Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

The minutes had been emailed to members and were accepted. Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report which was filed for audit


Robert Barclay moved to approve the bylaws change concerning the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s procedures for endorsing candidates in non-partisan elections. The motion passed.

With the change, the bylaws specify that votes of endorsement will be counted by secret ballot. The bylaws also specify that any candidate endorsed by the committee will have signed a pledge of support for Democrats.


Taste of Suffolk

Karen Jenkins said the SDC tent at Taste of Suffolk had a lot of activity and thanked the volunteers.

Peanut Fest

Karen Jenkins announced that Peanut Fest was to be October 8th through 10th, asked for volunteers and passed out a sign up sheet


The committee had guest speakers Carol Evans and John Moore from the committee to elect Michael Drewry, Brian Gregory from the campaign for Clinton Jenkins, and Darren Hayes from the Virginia Turnout The committee

Sunday Voting

Sharon Eaton said the Suffolk Board of Elections approved Sunday Voting for October 24th

Early Voting

Sharon Eaton said early voting was to start the Friday following the meeting, and asked for volunteers to hand out literature at the polls

Member Participation

Sharon Eaton said she was the only Democrat at the Suffolk Electoral Board meeting about Sunday voting. She was disappointed at the turnout as well as the small number of comments, which were seven, that supporters submitted.

She said the Republicans who attended the meeting were very upset and vocal, and felt their presence at the meeting should have changed the board’s decision.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm

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