Minutes of the General Meeting of June 8, 2021

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:41 PM by chairperson Sharon Eaton. The meeting started without a quorum. There was a quorum before the meeting was adjourned

Continuing Business

Financial Reports and Minutes

Catherine Anson presented the financial report which will be filed for audit. Benjamin Goldberg moved that the minutes from May, which he had emailed earlier, be approved and the motion passed.


Robert Barclay nominated Lisa Penn and John Gladden for nomination. They will be voted in at the following meeting. John Gladden submitted his membership dues and application in the past but no vote on his membership has been recorded.

The committee also received a dues payment from Princess Benn-Coker, but we have not received an application. Michele Faulk said she had tried to contact Ms. Benn-Coker about her application and will try again.

New Business

Meeting Room

Benjamin Goldberg said according to a conversation he had with someone from LW Center, the meeting room would no longer be available at the price we had been paying, and the new price would be $90 per hour. He had called LW Center about internet and audio/video equipment when the LW Center representative told him about the fee.

Mr. Goldberg also said the public library meeting would be unreliable. He said it would be unusual for the library to allow an organization to book regular meetings far in advance, and that library functions would preempt meetings.

Michele Faulk said she would check with social services. Other ideas were presented and committee members said they would look at venues.

Robert Barclay suggested we avoid venues owned by elected officials as it could lead to conflicts during primaries.

Technological difficulties interfered with the meeting including background noise and spotty connections. Ms. Faulk said the difficulties illustrated the need to resume in-person meetings.

Peanut Fest

Catherine Anson asked about the peanut fest application. Michele Faulk said it usually comes by mail

Tech and Media

Zaki Edwards requested pictures for the website redesign that he is working on. Benjamin Goldberg asked members to sign up on Slack

Gun Violence Day

Robin Holton said she, Allen Holton, and Patricia Jacobson had attended a ceremony for gun violence awareness day, in which the Mayor of Suffolk read a proclamation recognizing the day


The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 PM

Note: These minutes were posted 12/5/2021. The publish date corresponds to the date these were approved