Michael Drewry for Delegate District 64

From the campaign of Drewry for Delegate (posted on Facebook 6/24):

It’s been a long time since Virginia had a legislator who is a Farmer and a Lawyer, and isn’t it about time? Most of our best governance came from a hands on, in-depth understanding of both vocations. Farmers can fix just about anything, and Lawyers know how to decipher the Virginia code, understand government, and write legislation. Michael is that rare combination and is willing to bring those skills to the 64th.

Today, we officially kick off his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 64th district. Please join us in spreading the word about our unique and remarkable candidate, Michael Drewry. Visit our website and social media pages to learn more about him, his candidacy and upcoming events. We invite everyone to participate in the campaign, it will be quite a ride! Join us, volunteer, donate. Government for the people and by the people. it is entirely up to you.

Website: drewryfordelegate.com
campaign email: drewryfordelegate@gmail.com
twitter: @drewry4delegate
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