Minutes of the Suffolk Democratic Committee General Meeting of May 11, 2021

Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Sharon Eaton at 6:32 PM. The committee had a quorum.

Continuing Business

Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

The minutes had been emailed to members and were accepted. Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report which was filed for audit

Canvassing and Election Volunteering

Shameka Council said that the committee will be canvassing in Harbourview on the Saturday following the meeting. Leslie Rinaldi said that canvassers will have new material to hand out during the canvassing. Ms. Council said that starting in June, canvassing will be in the evening on the third Saturday.

Micheal Drewrey, candidate for House of Delegates District 64, said he would like to coordinate with the committee for canvassing in his districts in Suffolk.

Clint Jenkins said it was very important to get people to the polls. He noted that Donald Trump and Amanda Chase did well in Suffolk


Benjamin Goldberg noted that the committee was conducting the meeting via Zoom account which was approved for purchase during the previous meeting. Zaki Edwards said he found and is working on a new template for the website

New Business

Primary Candidates

The following candidates addressed the committee

  • Jennifer McLellan
  • Jay Jones

Kenya Jones was present on behalf of Jennifer Carroll Foy.


Membership Applicants Zaki Edwards and Johnie Edwards (not related) where accepted. The motion was made by the Membership committee and passed.

Congressional Update by Donald McEachin

Congressman Donald McEachin addressed the committee. Congressman McEachin expressed hope for the paycheck fairness act which is now in the Senate, and said he supports making the Great Dismal Swamp a national heritage area.

The Congressman also said the following in response to questions: He said he thinks HR1/SR1 can pass but it would take a lot of work. He said he believes and infrastructure bill will pass but many of measures that Democrats want in the bill will have to be passed by reconciliation. The congressman said EJ communities ("environmental justice" communities most adversely affected by environmental damage) need more attention in order to get environmental legislation passed. Congressman McEachin said he authorized a commission to look into the immunity status for social media platforms which facilitate misinformation. He said voting on Sunday would be difficult because many voting locations are houses of worship, but he supports making Election Day a national holiday.

Local Use of Federal Funds

Clint Jenkins addressed the committee and said that Suffolk would be receiving millions of dollars in funding from the federal government, and he recommended that city use that money in place of raising water rates which the city is planning to do.

Live or Hybrid Meetings

Sharon Eaton discussed getting back to live meetings or holding hybrid meetings. Benjamin Goldberg said he would discuss technology necessary for live meetings with LeOtis Williams. Catherine Anson suggested finding another facility if necessary which already has necessary technology available

Social Media

Michele Faulk spoke about reaching out via social media.  The committee discussed various ways of expanding our social media presence.  Dorothy Waddell also said we need to work on peer to peer communication


The meeting was adjourned at 8:04pm