General Meeting of the Suffolk Democratic Committee, April 14, 2021

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:36pm by Leslie Rinaldi. The committee had a quorum.

Continuing Business

Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

Benjamin Goldberg noted that the minutes for March’s meeting had been emailed to members about two weeks prior to the meeting. Leslie Rinaldi moved to accept the minutes, and they were accepted.

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report which was accepted for filing.


Robert Barclay said that he had received a membership application from Johnie Edwards. Benjamin Goldberg said that during the previous day he received an application from Zaki Edwards (no relation to Jonnie Edwards). Mr. Barclay agreed that both should be voted on at the next meeting

Selection of Nominees for Local and General Assembly Elections

Robert Barclay said that Clinton Jenkins and Narendra Pleas are each the only persons to file for the Democratic nominations in their upcoming election, and both will be declared the Democratic nominees. Delegate Jenkins is the incumbent candidate for House of Delegates District 76, and Narendra Pleas is running for Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Leslie Rinaldi introduced Micheal Drewry, who is running for House of Delegates District 64, as one of the guest speakers for this night’s meeting

Community Leadership Luncheon

Karen Jenkins said that the hotel where we plan on having our Community Leadership luncheon was, at the time, involved in covid-19 testing, and that while we have the hotel reserved in July, testing might continue through our dates and affect our event. Ms. Jenkins recommended that although the luncheon may be canceled or postponed, we continue with our selection process for honorees and plan for an event in which last year’s and this year’s selectees will be honored.

Tech Committee

Benjamin Goldberg said that the Tech Committee met twice, and the meetings included Zaki Edwards who has experience with WordPress and will help with the website design. Mr. Goldberg said the committee is testing Group.Me, a communications platform that he believes might facilitate conversations between meetings. He also said he is working on a forum application.

Precinct and Boroughs Committee

Shameka Council said the Precinct and Boroughs committee would meet on April 20th. Ms Council said canvassing will begin in Northern Suffolk Saturday May 15th from 10 to 1. Canvassers will meet at the library near Creekside Elementary School. She said some precincts don’t have a captain and asked for volunteers.

Outreach Committee

Leslie Rinaldi says she plans two newsletters each month. Ms. Rinaldi thanked everyone who has been contributing to the newsletter. She reiterated Ms. Council’s note about upcoming canvassing and added that committee volunteers will help with voter registration, and promote issues such as gun reform and HR1. During a followup conversation it was noted that the last day to register in time for the upcoming primary is May 17th.

Ms. Rinaldi said the committee will have palm cards to give out during canvassing, and that the palm cards have space to accommodate adhesive labels, allowing leftover cards to be used for different events.

New Business

Guest Speakers who are Candidates in the Upcoming Elections

Leslie Rinaldi announced the following guest speakers For Governor: Lt Governor Justin Fairfax Delegate Carroll Foy

For Lt. Governor Delegate Elizabeth Guzmen Delegate Sam Rasoul

For Attorney General Attorney General Mark Herring

For Delegate in District 64 Mr. Micheal Drewrey

All of the listed guests addressed the committee except Delegate Foy. Benjamin Goldberg said that difficulties with the Zoom session might be the reason some expected guests were not at the meeting. Topics covered included police reform, environmental regulations and gun control.

Help with Micheal Drewry’s Literature

Candidate for House of Delegates 64th District Micheal Drewry asked committee members to review a draft document for his campaign. Benjamin Goldberg said he would share his document with the committee

Zoom Account

Benjamin Goldberg said the tech committee had discussed the SDC having its own Zoom account, for roughly $150 a year. Several members said they’d be willing to help cover the cost. Arthur Singleton moved to have Mr. Goldberg set up an account using committee funds, and said that he’s certain the cost would be covered if needed. The motion passed.

Guest Speaker Senator Lucas Post-Legislation Town Hall Meetings

State Senator L.Louise Lucas said she had sponsored a recent post-legislative town-hall and that there would be two upcoming town halls. The first upcoming town hall would be Thursday following this meeting, and the next will be April 29th. The April 29th event would be for Portsmouth,Suffolk, and Chesapeake. Senator Lucas also spoke about legislation that she had sponsored, including bills to limit what police can use as a pretext for a traffic stop, and said that such legislation will be discussed in the town halls.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 by motion of Arthur Singleton.

Note: This online-version was posted 12/5/2021. Publish date reflects the approval date