Meeting of the Suffolk Democratic Committee of March 9, 2021

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 by Leslie Rinaldi

Continuing Business

Minutes and Treasurer’s report

The minutes had been emailed to committee members prior to the meeting and were accepted. Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report which will be filed separately


Robert Barclay said that two applicants, Nicole Randolph and John Gladden will be presented for membership at the following meeting.

Upcoming Primary Elections

Robert Barclay said the deadline for new candidates to file for the primary was to be March 25. He and others discussed that petitions to get candidates on the ballot are being passed around on paper and can be signed electronically. Links for electronics signatures are on our website

Candidates Addressing the Committee

Narendra Pleas

Narendra Pleas addressed the committee, saying changes need to be made. She noted that Suffolk is one of the few communities that don’t have pre-trial services. She said we need to a better job of using our resources to address mental health. In response to a question, Ms. Pleas said she will be running as a Democrat

Xavier Warren

Xavier Warren addressed the committee. He thanked Narendra Pleas for running. Mr. Warren said we’re in crisis. He said he witnessed what economic downturns can do to a community. He described the Lt Governor position as a business position and said he had hands on business experience. Mr. Warren had been an NFL agent, and started a federal grant agency which helped people get jobs. He spoke in support in unions and said the general assembly has been lax in taking up workers rights and other issues including broadband access

Precincts and Boroughs

Shemica Council said the committee was in need of precinct captains. She said she would send out a list of precincts in need of captains.

Outreach Report and Legislative Updates

Leslie Rinaldi presented the outreach report and also provided information on recent activity in the General Assembly. Ms. Rinaldi asked committee members to call the U.S. Capital switchboard in support of eliminating the time provision which is preventing passage of the ERA. She also encouraged Democrats to call Congress in support of the For The People Act, which is a suite of voter protection laws. She listed some wins including the abolishment of the death penalty. She said some bills that we support concerning Dominion Energy did not pass, and recommended members join Louis Lucas to discuss these with her at an upcoming virtual meeting.

New Business

Partnering with Local Committees for a Candidate Forum

Leslie Rinaldi asked if the committee would be interested in partnering with the Chesapeake Democratic Committee and other to host a candidates forum. Ms. Rinaldi motioned that we do so, and the motion passed


The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM