Minutes of the General Meeting of December 2020

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM by chairperson Sharon Eaton. The committee had a quorum

Routine Reports


The committee approved the minutes from October. Benjamin Goldberg said that committee members should have received October’s minutes by email, and he had not submitted November’s minutes because there was no quorum in November.

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the Treasurer’s report. Some of the expenses noted were for the election.  The committee approved the report for filing and the report will be filed separately.

Membership Report

Robert Barclay said that prior to September’s meeting, one person submitted an application but we did not receive dues from that person. He also said three other applicants were nominated in October. One of the applicants, Leslie Martin, has paid her dues but we have not yet received dues from other applicants.  Mr. Barclay said we can vote on Leslie Martin today, and he nominated  Narendra Pleas to be voted on at a future meeting.  Catherine Anson said she had received a payment from Durand Coltrane, but Mr. Barclay said we do not have a membership application for Mr. Coltrane

Outreach Committee Report

Leslie Rinaldi said there were no immediate outreach events but the Outreach Committee had been working on the newsletter and the committee had been preparing to have a quarterly outreach plan in January.  Reviewing the year, Ms. Rinaldi noted we had registered over one hundred people as voters.  Ms. Rinaldi said she felt the Outreach committee did a very good job and hopes for an even stronger showing in the upcoming year.

Ongoing Business


Leslie Rinaldi motioned to accept Leslie Martin as a committee member.  The motion passed.

There was a discussion about dues.  Robert Barclay said that since we can’t collect dues during meetings we have to make more of an effort to collect dues online.  Michele Faulk reminded the committee that those who paid during October and November will have their payments carry to the upcoming year

There was some disagreement about the zip code of the post office box, which Mr. Goldberg said was 23434 but some said was 23439.  Sharon Eaton agreed to clarify the zip code.

New Business

Electoral Board Members

Beverly Outlaw said that there is a change in date of terms of members of the Suffolk Electoral Board, which now end on January 1st. The member who is up for reappointment is James Banks.  In response to a question from Michele Faulk, Ms. Outlaw said it is the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s chairperson’s decision if the committee should vote on a nominee.  Sharon Eaton asked if there was anyone else interested in the position and nobody said they were.  Ms. Eaton said she has a letter ready to send to the electoral board.

Community Leaders Luncheon

Karen Jenkins said the events committee was planning a virtual ceremony for those who would have been honored in the community heroes luncheon.  Ms. Jenkins said those leaders were Richard Green, Dr. Tonita Phillips, and Dr. Kawanna Ward-Hall.

Upcoming Elections

Sharon Eaton noted that upcoming elections include Clinton Jenkins and the governor


The meeting was adjourned at 7:26pm