Minutes of the General Meeting of October 13th, 2020

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm by chairperson Sharon Eaton. The meeting was held virtually. The committee had a quorum

Routine Reports


Links to the minutes had been sent prior to the meeting. The minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson gave the treasurer’s report which will be filed separately. She noted expenses to be set aside for Robert Barclay for mailing notices about the special meeting in October, and that she had received donations for campaign signs


Robert Barclay said six people where nominated for membership at the previous meeting, but he only has completed applications and dues for five of them. He said the sixth membership, that of Vonnie Barnes can be carried to the next meeting. The five to be voted in were Robert Stephens, Shameka Council, Mary King, Kristin Hartman, and Dorothy Gamble

The five members were voted in.

Robert Barclay said three more members have completed applications. Mr. Barclay said the membership committee moved that the three be accepted pending vote in a future meeting. These prospective members are Bianca Ford, Leslie Martin, and Johannes Peeters. The motion passed.


Fourth Vice Chairperson in Charge of Precinct and Boroughs

Robert Barclay said the membership committee met on the night before the meeting to review Shameka Council’s candidacy to fill the vacancy for fourth vice chair. He said the committee made a motion to accept Ms. Council as fourth vice chair.

The committee voted and the motion passed.

Poll Observer and Watcher Letters

Robert Barclay said that poll watchers and observers need a letter signed by the chair of the local committee or the state party. Sharon Eaton said she would ensure all poll observers and poll watchers had a letter signed by her.

Sample Ballots

Sharon Eaton asked about the status of sample ballots. Benjamin Goldberg said Kristin Frigelj had completed a design. Leslie Rinaldi said Natalie Grayson will print the ballots but is waiting for word on how many ballots are needed. Mr. Goldberg said he would get in touch with D.J. McGuire and Shameka Council about the number. Ms. Grayson said she needed five days notice.

After a discussion about ballot amendments, Benjamin Goldberg said that the sample ballots indicated that the DPVA has recommended voting No on amendment 1. He said the wording on the smaple was convoluted because the Suffolk Democratic Committee did not vote on the amendment, and motioned that the committee recommend No on amendment 1 and yes on amendment 2. The motion passed.

Election Volunteers

Leslie Rinaldi said she is asking for volunteers. She said she needed volunteers for phone banking, text banking, greeters and observers. She also said there would be canvassing and literature drops, and said she encourages people to not to take risks regarding covid-19 that they are not comfortable with.

Patricia Jacobson asked about the campaign providing personnel. Shameka Council said she had list of volunteers. She said some of the volunteers will be working for the candidates.

Sharon Eaton thanked the committee and said she would be providing water and snacks for volunteers.

Yard Signs and Literature

Clint Jenkins said that his office will be available as a pickup point for yard signs and literature. He said he should have McEachin literature by Thursday. He currently has signs for Biden & Harris, Scott, and Warner. He said he also has 4×4 Biden & Harris signs. The office is at 438 North Main Street.


Benjamin Goldberg said the technology committee made some improvements to the contact form, including a checkbox on the contact form for signing up to our mailing list. Mr. Goldberg also encouraged people to sign up for Zulip, and that he would send a link


The meeting was adjourned at 8:09