Minutes of the General Meeting of July 14, 2020

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by chairperson Sharon Eaton at 6:35PM, July 14, 2020. The meeting was held virtually using Microsoft Teams. The following officers were present or absent as noted

  • Chairperson: Sharon Eaton – Present
  • 1st Vice Chair Robert Barclay – Present
  • 2nd Vice Chair Leslie Rinaldi – Present
  • 3rd Vice Chair Karen Jenkins – Present
  • 4th Vice Chair D.J. McGuire – Present
  • Treasurer Catherine Anson – Present
  • Corresponding Secretary Charles Owens – Absent
  • Recording Secretary Benjamin Goldberg – Present
  • Sergeant at Arms: Michele Faulk – Present

Routine and Ongoing Business

Committee Reports


Catherine Anson read the Treasurer’s report. The committee’s current balance (as of the meeting) is $3948.87.


Robert Barclay said the following prospective members were due to be voted in

  • Beverly Outlaw
  • James Banks
  • Sandra Harris
  • Sandra Knight

The members listed were voted in

Technology / Social Media

Benjamin Goldberg discussed getting the virtual meeting together and discussed Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other available videoconferncing services. Nicole Randolf said she was looking into using social media for scheduled posting which would allow us to draft several posts at a time and have those posts released over time


Leslie Rinaldi said the outreach committee has produced three newsletters and asked any who have not received one to let her know. She asked for suggestions on subjects to be included on the next. Ms. Rinaldi discussed the need for election volunteers. Some topics that Ms. Rinaldi discussed are noted under New Business


D.J. McGuire presented the precinct and borough committee report and discussed the procedure for local candidate endorsements, which is described under New Business

New Business

Local Candidate Endorsements

DJ McGuire told the committee that candidates for council and school board will be invited to the committee in August and September so the committee can decide on endorsements in September. He said that he will contact borough members to get their endorsement recommendations on candidates for their borough. Then he will ensure the committee as a whole knows the recommendations of each borough in September

Congressman Bobby Scott

Congressman Bobby Scott addressed the committee briefly. He introduced his campaign manager Sean Williamson.

Coordinated Campaign

Alim Flowers, the regional field director for the Democratic Party of Virginia coordinated campaign addressed the committee. Mr. Flowers said he needs as many people dialing as possible. He said there is phone bank training on Saturdays at 5PM. The phone banking and the training is done virtually so volunteers can work from home.

Election Volunteers

While presenting the outreach committee report, Leslie Rinaldi described the need for election volunteers. She said we need a minimum of 27 certified voting protection volunteers. In addition to that need, we need volunteers to be outside greeting voters and handing out ballots.

Voter Registration Training

Leslie Rinaldi said voter registration volunteers must renew their certification. Robert Barclay said he’s available to answer any legal questions regarding voter rights.

SDC Meetings During the Pandemic

Sharon Eaton asked how we should conduct our next meeting and suggested an outdoor venue such as Sleepy Hole Park. Patricia Cobb said she could make room outside her home. Several members expressed a preference to using videoconferencing again.

Need for Fundraising

Catherine Anson said the committee will need to come up with fundraising ideas to make up for events canceled during the pandemic. Ms. Rinaldi discussed some fundraising ideas that had been discussed over the past month, including such ideas as selling t-shirts, coffee cups and home-made face masks. These will be discussed more in the future. There was also a discussion about Facebook fundraising. Benjamin Goldberg said Facebook would probably dissalow political fundraising using the same tools they provide for charities. The committee endorsed the idea of sending an email blast requesting donations, as well as looking into other ideas

Broadband and Other Services during the Pandemic

Clint Jenkins addressed the committee and said we have to push city council concerning getting broadband acces to uncovered areas. He said that although the state is involved in supporting broadband initiatives, it’s up to city council to decide where providers will install resources. He also said the city council can work harder then they are, and as an example, pointed out funds for road improvements that went to surrounding cities that Suffolk didn’t request


The meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm