Minutes and notes from the Suffolk Democratic Committee Reorganization Caucus of January 14, 2020

Call to Order

The reorganization caucus was called to order by SDC Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi at 8:04 PM.   Upon election, Sharon Eaton chaired the remainder of the caucus at 8:29.

Results of the Suffolk Democratic Committee Reorganization

The following officers were elected:

  • Chairperson: Sharon Eaton
  • 1st Vice Chair (and Membership Chair) Robert Barclay
  • 2nd Vice Chair ( and Outreach Chair) Leslie Rinaldi
  • 3rd Vice Chair ( and Events Chair) Karen Jenkins
  • 4th Vice Chair ( and Boroughs and Precincts Chair) D.J. McGuire
  • Recording Secretary Benjamin Goldberg
  • Treasurer Catherine Anson
  • Corresponding Secretary Charles Owens
  • Sergeant at Arms: Michele Faulk

Procedures of the Caucus

After calling the caucus to order, Leslie Rinaldi asked the members assembled members to affirm their status as Democrats and pledge they would not support a candidate running against a Democrat in the upcoming general election.  Ms. Rinaldi said she was not interested in running for chairperson.  Isaac Baker and Sharon Eaton each stated their desire to be elected as chairperson and addressed the committee.  Ms. Eaton was elected.  The remaining candidates were unopposed
Following the election of officers, members of the committee were approved.  The list of members was to be finalized by membership chairperson Robert Barclay

Business Not Related to Reorganization

Heroes Luncheon

Leslie Rinaldi told the committee that the recent heroes luncheons have been difficult due to the small number and late submissions of nominees.  Members discussed the possibility of cancelling the luncheon due to concerns that there would not be enough nominees by the next meeting and the committee would lose the deposit for the meeting pace.  Benjamin Goldberg motioned  that the committee allow the decision of cancelling be left to the events committee, so they can wait for nominees and still cancel while the deposit was refundable.  The motion passed.

NAACP Luncheon Table

The committee discussed purchasing a table for 8 for the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet, which would cost less than eight individual tickets.  Ticket and table information had been passed to the committee by Marion Flood at the annual dinner, which took place immediately before the caucus.  Mary Steverson motioned that the committee purchase a table.  It was decided that instead of the committee purchasing a table, any group of eight committee members may purchase a table in the name of the Suffolk Democratic Committee.


The caucus was adjourned at 8:57PM