Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 10, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi at 6:32 PM at 701 Old East Pinner Street. The following officers where present:

Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi
First Vice-Chair Verjena Jones
Third Vice-Chair Michele Faulk
Treasurer Catherine Anson
Recording Secretary Benjamin Goldberg


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report. There were some questions about if the pancake breakfast should have been on the October report. Leslie Rinaldi suggested waiting until January before filing the report for audit. Benjamin Goldberg presented the minutes from October. November’s meeting had been canceled. Deloise Pope motioned to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

2019 Election Wrap Up

Leslie Rinaldi reviewed the results of the 2019 Election and expressed her appreciation to candidates, voters, volunteers, and donors. She noted that we had a full slate of candidates which forced Republicans to compete in every race in Suffolk.

LeOtis Williams Thanksgiving Giveaway

Leslie Rinaldi said that Charles Owens, Carol Bird, and she did voter registration at LeOtis Williams’s annual turkey giveaway. They helped register eight new voters, passed out cards for restoration of rights and engaged people at the event.

Issues at Polls

Leslie Rinaldi said she was interested in hearing about issues at the polls. She said that she heard of and witnessed some minor conflicts that had occurred during the election. She also said that incidents can be reported to the Suffolk board of elections.


Leslie Rinaldi said that the committee will reorganize during the January meeting. She referred to the list of subcommittees that were printed with the agenda and asked people to volunteer for positions. Ms. Rinaldi said that candidacy forms will be available at the reorganization meeting.

Pot Luck

Leslie Rinaldi said that the annual potluck will be held after the reorganization, and asked members to sign up to provide food

ERA Ratification

Leslie Rinaldi announced that RatifyERA will be chartering a bus to the General Assembly for advocacy day

Gun Sanctuary Cities

Leslie Rinaldi noted that there is a movement of people arriving at city council meetings to push city councils to declare themselves gun sanctuary cities. She said the City of Suffolk had declined to vote on the issue during the previous city council meeting.

City of Suffolk Board of Elections

Leslie Rinaldi noted that the committee may have to nominate a member for the City of Suffolk Board of elections by January 15th. Ms. Rinaldi had spoken to Beverly Outlaw who suggested that she would be resigning, although Ms. Rinaldi had not been able to confirmed Ms. Outlaw’s intentions recently.

Michael Bennett for U.S President

A volunteer for Micheal Bennett passed out petitions to get Senator Bennett on the ballot, and spoke briefly about Senator Bennett. Micheal Bennett is the senior senator in Colorado and had been a school superintendent. He feels his voice is important because nobody else is talking about education in the presidential debates.

Delegate Elect Clinton Jenkins

Clinton Jenkins addressed the committee and thanked the committee members for their support. He spoke about bills that he is already working on, including a bill to stop suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid tolls. Mr. Jenkins said he didn’t believe we should be very concerned about the gun sanctuary city movement


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm