Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 10th, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:33PM by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The meeting opened without a quorum but had a quorum before closing. The following officers where present

Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi
4th Vice Chair D.J. McGuire
Treasurer Catherine Anson
Recording Secretary Benjamin Goldberg
Sargent at Arms: Shedrick Roberts

Reports and Presentations

Eileen Huey for the State Committee

Eileen Huey addressed the committee and emphasized the need for for campaigning to help elect Democrats such as Clint Jenkins. She also said that the national elections will follow the state elections quickly, reminded the committee that as part of the national elections, committees will be selecting delegates, and said the state party is here to help and is open to questions and suggestions.

Becky Raveson Committee Member and Candidate

Becky Raveson addressed the committee and said she had spoken to people including Randy Menefee of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee, and was told that white supremacy and guns where the major concerns of the 14th district. She said that she had been influenced greatly by a diversity program at her workplace, and said that a good program in schools can have a great effect. She noted that she has experience in the financial section. She said she needs help because she’s not naturally a fundraiser.

Ms. Raveson, Eileen Huey, and committee members discussed forming a steering committee, and decided that they would meet at 6PM on the following day at Clinton Jenkins’s campaign office.

John Christenson, regional director of Take the Majority 2019

John Christenson from Take the Majority 2019 addressed the committee and emphasized the importance of the upcoming races, and highlighted the 76th House District. He said that Clinton Jenkins is running against a candidate who has been unchallenged in 20 years and is putting a lot of money into this race.

Old Business

Contributions to Campaigns

Robert Barclay said that the committee which had been formed to decide how to apportion contributions to candidates recommends not giving to candidates such as incumbents in non-competitive races, apportioning funds for remaining candidates based on how much of each candidate’s district is in Suffolk, and rounding to $100. Mr. Barclay said the committee recommends the following portions:

14th Senate District: 9%,
3rd Senate District: 4%,
64th House District :7%,
76th House District :80%

Charles Owens motioned to distribute funds according to the recommendations described by Mr. Barclay. The motion passed.

Voter Registration Drives

Leslie Rinaldi said that she has scheduled voter registration drives in Suffolk High Schools. The date of those drives where to be 24th and 25th and Nansemond River, 24th through the 26th at the other high schools. Ms. Rinaldi said she is trying get dates for Turnlington Woods.

Poll Workers

D.J. McGuire passed out a list of precinct points of contact, and said that in previous elections some of the poll workers worked the entire day, and he does not want to repeat that. He said that handing out sample ballots has a definite effect on elections and wants to ensure that every poll location has sample ballots.

Events Committee

Deloise Pope presented the report for Taste of Suffolk. She said we had 17 volunteers including representatives from Democratic campaigns. She said Clinton Jenkins and Michele Joyce both attended. Ms. Pope said they helped with 11 voter registrations.

Ms. Pope also noted that Peanut Fest is coming up, and that we need volunteers for that event.

New Business

Endorsement of Candidates for Soil and Water Conservation District

Leslie Rinaldi said that there are three Suffolk Democratic Committee members interested in running for the position of Director of Soil and Water Conservation District. She said there are two positions up for elections. The incumbents are Republican and leaning Republican according to Votebuilder.

Ms. Rinaldi said that Suffolk Democratic Committee bylaws prohibit hosting literature for non-endorsed candidates at Peanut Fest, and noted that non-endorsed candidates cannot have their names on sample ballots.

D.J. McGuire said that it could be problematic for the committee to endorse two committee members out of three, and said he was uncomfortable with the idea of voting against one of our members. Shedrick Roberts said he felt it was a good idea for the committee to hear from the candidates.

Benjamin Goldberg said that all candidates have to be invited, including non-committee members, because the race is non-partisan.

It was decided that all candidates, including committee members and incumbents, will be invited to October’s meeting, and at that meeting the committee will decide on endorsements. Catherine Anson will send the invitations.

Mr. McGuire motioned to invite the five candidates to the meeting for the purpose of seeking the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s endorsement. The motion passed.


Ms. Rinaldi motioned to accept John Gladden, Sandra Gladden, and Patricia Jacobson into the committee. The motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 20:00