Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 13, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:34pm by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The committee had a quorum. The following officers were present:

Leslie Rinaldi, Chairperson
Verjena Jones, 1st. Vice Chair
Michele Faulk, 3rd. Vice Chair
Catherine Anson, Treasurer

Reports and Presentations

Treasurer’s Report

The July Treasurer’s report was read by Catherine Anson

Revenue $220.00 (Event) Pancake sales
Expenditures – 67.00 -PO BOX payment
-20.00 – Quick books
Net Revenue $133.00

Arthur Singleton questioned the negative net revenue of $317.41, which was in the report. Ms. Anson explained that last month saw a negative revenue of $900.90 due to expenses of $1050.00 deposit for the Peanut Fest.

The Treasurer report will be filed for audit.

Campaign Guest

The floor was turned over to Clinton Jenkins Campaign Mgr. Derek McDonald. He introduced 2 new organizers, John and Luke. He explained that the race will be close.

The campaign has received endorsements from several agencies.

John made a pitch for volunteers for canvassing and phone banking.

Old Business

Leslie Rinaldi reopened the discussion of a temporary sub-committee to address monetary donations to the current candidates that have been endorsed by SDC. Ms. Rinaldi said that she believes that the SDC is in a financial situation where SDC can donate $500 to each candidate.

One participant asked if the donation would conflict with SDC rules, to which Leslie Rinaldi responded there is nothing in the bylaws prohibiting such donations.

Another participant asked how the money will be used. Ms. Rinaldi responded that the subcommittee’s job is to focus on the candidate’s needs and report back to the committee.

The motion to form the subcommittee was made by Catherine Anson. The motion carried.

National Night Out

Michele Faulk said during National Night Out, seven people filled out voter registration applications and volunteers helped two people apply for restoration of rights.

New Business


Verjena Jones presented new membership information for Shedrick Roberts , Charles Owens, and Okey Igbonagwam. Leslie Rinaldi motioned that they be accepted into the SDC. The motion carried.

Back to School Voter Registration

Leslie Rinaldi said that volunteers are needed for back to school voter registration. Ms. Rinaldi spoke about doing a Voter Registration at back school night. She will speak to schools representatives, She asked that people let her know if interested.

Sergeant at Arms Position

Shedrick Roberts volunteered and was accepted to the position of Sergeant at Arms.

Upcoming Events

Pancake Breakfast

Michele Faulk said the committee is in need of Co-Coordinator and volunteers Pancake Breakfast, which will be Saturday, 9/28/19, She said Deloise Pope is the coordinator. Ms Fualk also said people should see her for tickets and volunteering.

Peanut Festival

Michele Faulk said that Peanut Fest will be 10/10 – 10/13 at the Suffolk Airport, and the committee needs at least 25 volunteers


The meeting was adjourned at 7:41