Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 11, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:34pm by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The committee did not have a quorum. The following officers were present:

Leslie Rinaldi, Chairperson
Michele Faulk, 3rd Vice Chair
Verjena Jones, 1st Vice Chair
D.J. McGuire, 4th Vice Chair
Benjamin Goldberg, Recording Secretary


The minutes for May’s meeting were passed out and reviewed but not approved because there was no quorum. The treasurer’s report was not available because the treasurer was not present.


Democratic Candidates

Leslie Rinaldi spoke about the candidates running for districts of which Suffolk is a part. The candidates include Clint Jenkins, Michele Joyce, and Becky Raveson. Benjamin Goldberg clarified that all General Assembly districts which include parts of Suffolk have Democratic candidates.

Clint Jenkins Campaign

Derek McDonald from Clint Jenkin’s campagin addressed the committee. Mr. Jenkins is running against for the House of Delegates 76th District. He invited committee members to two events that were upcoming, which were a meet and greet at Boogies Restaurant on June 22nd and an office opening on June 29th. Michele Joyce passed out a clipboard for signups for donations to the office opening.

Clint Jenkins also addressed the committee. He said that the courts had done their jobs in making the districts more fair, but Democrats have to do their jobs and vote. He also said the entire country is watching the 76th district so see the results of redistricting. He also emphasized that the various campaigns in our area will he sharing resources, and offered use of his office to other campaigns.

Michele Joyce Campaign

Michele Joyce addressed the committee. Michele is running against Emily Brewer for the House of Delegates 64th District. Ms. Joyce said her campaign is going well and she feels she can win. She’s going to concentrate in Isle of Wight. She announced her listening tour. She said she wants primarily to phone bank – not canvass.

Donations to Campaigns

Leslie Rinaldi suggested the committee donate $500 to each of the Democratic campaigns in Suffolk. She noted that there was no quorum so the donation could not be approved during the current meeting.


Michele Faulk presented and update from the Heroes Luncheon. Ms. Faulk said she sent a thank you letter to Major Signs. She had sent other thank you letters earlier. She said she received eight feedback froms, and some of the suggestions included improvements in food service and adding music.

Ms. Faulk also mentioned upcoming events, including the Clint Jenkins events. National Night Out is Tuesday, August 6th, and Ms. Faulk said she already registered the committee for NNO. She also signed the committee up for Taste of Suffolk, which will be Saturday September 7th. She announced that Delois Pope is handling tickets for the Pancake Breakfast which will be September 27th. Ms Faulk also said she applied and paid for the committee’s tent at Peanut Fest. She emphasized that the events committee needs help with these events.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:36