Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 14, 2019

*A correction has been made since these minutes were first posted on-line, prior to committee approval. The previous post had incorrect titles for two committee officers.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by Third Vice Chairperson Michele Faulk. Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi chaired the meeting at 6:39pm. The committee had a quorum. The following officers were present:

Leslie Rinaldi, Chairperson
Verjena Jones, 1st Vice Chair
Michele Faulk, 3rd Vice Chair
D.J. McGuire, 4th Vice Chair
Catherine Anson, Treasurer
Benjamin Goldberg, Recording Secretary


Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report, which was filed for audit.


The minutes from March were presented and approved. Kevin Fowler motioned to accept the minutes the motion passed.



Verjena Jones announced that two applicants have submitted membership applications and are pending approval. Those applicants were Darlene Lawrence and Renee Sandifer. Keven Fowler moved to accept the membership of both applicants and the motion passed.

Community Heroes Luncheon

Michele Faulk gave a report on the recent Community Heroes Luncheon. Ms. Faulk said the SDC had sold 127 tickets and had 96 attendees.  In addition to money collected on ticket sales, $205 was collected from the sale of benches, made from old Suffolk neighborhood signs and donated to the SDC by Major Signs. Ms. Faulk also noted that flowers were donated by Johnson’s Gardens, decorations donated by Jacqueline Brown, and printed material by Natalie Grayson.

Benjamin Goldberg said that it is stressful that each year that we don’t have three nominees until shortly prior to the event, and asked members to start thinking immediately about heroes for next year.

Pancake Breakfast

Michele Faulk said tickets were available this day for event which will be held Saturday September 27. Ms. Faulk said this will be the second time we will hold the event in the Applebee’s in North Suffolk because the Applebee’s on Main Street no longer hosts the event.

D.J. McGuire noted that both Abblebee’s were now in the 76th District.

Redistricting and Upcoming Elections

D.J. McGuire said that Clint Jenkins will run against Chris Jones in the 76th district of the Virginia House of Delegates. Mr. McGuire said that the redrawn 76th district is Democrat-friendly and hopes and expects Clint Jenkins to win, but it will take work. Mr. McGuire also said that the 64th district has no Democratic challenger to its Republican incumbent.

Leslie Rinaldi announced that the caucus for the 76th district has been canceled because Clint Jenkins was the only Democratic candidate to apply before the deadline. Ms. Rinaldi said that there will be a caucus for the 64th district if more than one qualified person were to apply for the Democratic nomination in the 64th.

Clint Jenkins

Clint Jenkins addressed the committee and thanked the committee for their hard work. Mr. Jenkins said he would be meeting with the governor the next day. He also said the state committee and the state Democratic caucus all expressed support. Mr. Jenkins also told Gloria Mizelle that he was grateful for the support and leadership of Johnnie Mizelle, who could not be at the meeting.

Michele Faulk asked Clint Jenkins if, by his experience, if there was anything that the committee can do better than it has in the past in regards to supporting candidates. Mr. Jenkins said we could get out earlier and be more proactive. He also said that he would concentrate on reaching people who don’t normally vote.

MoveOn and DPVA Recruitment of Candidates

Tom Isenhower was at the meeting and was one of several people in Suffolk who had received correspondence from MoveOn or other organizations stating that a meeting was being held for people interested in running for various offices in Suffolk, and that the meeting would begin at 7:30. Mr. Isenhower said he was interested in running for school board. ( several others had arrived after the meeting had adjourned )


The meeting was adjourned at 7:25

Upcoming Events


July Monthly Meeting

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June Monthly Meeting

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm178 E Washington St

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