Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 9, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The committee had a quorum. The following officers were present:

Leslie Rinaldi, Chairperson
Michele Faulk, 1st Vice Chair
Verjena Jones, 2nd Vice Chair
Catherine Anson, Treasurer
Benjamin Goldberg, Recording Secretary


Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report. Ms Anson also said that the audit of the past year’s reports is complete and thanked Becky Raveson and Virgie Sandifer for their work on the audit. She said in response to requests, she added a section showing where the donations came from, but noted that it was a lot of extra work. Delois Pope and Michele Faulk said they felt that extra detail wasn’t necessary.


The minutes from March were presented and approved.


Community Heroes Luncheon

Ms. Faulk announced the Hero Luncheon nominees, who were Dr. Jennell Riddick , Evelyn L. Wall and Councilman Lue R. Ward, Jr. Ms Faulk asked if anyone knew of someone who wanted to give the grace. Ms Faulk also spoke about the suggestion of selling the benches, provided by Becky Raveson, and said she felt the need to discuss doing so with the hotel.

Committee Participation

Leslie Rinaldi noted that we have open positions and emphasized the need for an Outreach Committee chair and volunteers.

United Citizens Power

Michele Joyce, who is the head of the the Southside Chapter of United Citizens Power, addressed the committee. She spoke about unearned privilege and about the need to address people who don’t feel empowered to make a difference. She said UCP Southside’s strategy is to adopt low-turnout neighborhoods and address issues that are important tot he people who live there. She suggested that her organization and the SDC can work together to achieve common goals

Herb Jones for Virginia Senate

Herb Jones, who is a candidate for Virginia’s 3rd Senatorial District, addressed the committee. One of the reasons he said he was running for was education. He said teachers should be paid as professionals and spoke about different styles of learning. He also spoke at length about health care expansion, including mental health, and about common sense gun laws.

76th House of Delegates

Leslie Rinaldi announced that the committee is looking for potential candidates to run against Chris Jones in the 76th District. She said the deadline for filing was May 3rd and the caucus would be held May 18th and the Hilton Garden Inn. She also said that we are looking for potential candidates for the 64th District. She said that anyone interested in running in the 64th should contact Debra Church, who is the chairperson of the Isle of Wight County Democratic Committee.

Clint Jenkins said that he spoke to Leotis Williams and Robert Barclay, both of whom said they would not be running. He said that the state party would donate money to a Democratic candidate.

Becky Raveson said she would be interested in running for the 76th.

Leslie Rinaldi said that she knows of pledged money including $40,000 from Northern Virginia and $20,000 from Virginia Beach.

High School Seniors Essay Contest

Joan Turner announced that her family was sponsoring an essay contest in memory of her son Quantez Russell who had been missing for three years after becoming involved in gang activity, and passed out information about the contest. The contest is open to high school students in Suffolk.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00