Minutes of the Meeting of March 12, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by first vice chairperson Michele Faulk. Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi was not present. The committee had a quorum. The following officers were present:

Michele Faulk, 1st Vice Chair
Verjena Jones, 2nd Vice Chair
DJ McGuire, 4th Vice Chair,
Catherine Anson, Treasurer
Benjamin Goldberg, Recording Secretary


Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s reports for January and February. January’s report was presented at this meeting because Ms. Anson was not present at the previous meeting. Both reports will be filed for audit.


The minutes from February were presented and approved.


Audit of Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson told the committee that the 2018 annual treasurer’s report is ready for audit. Michele Faulk called for volunteers to audit the report. Virgie Sandifer, Beckie Raveson and Gail Milteer volunteered.

Changes to Bylaws

Michele Faulk said that there was a pending change to the bylaws, and asked Benjamin Goldberg if the bylaws committee had met to discuss those changes. Mr. Goldberg said the committee had not met, but admitted that he couldn’t remember if he was chair of that committee. He said that barring any objections, he would chair the committee. Mr. Goldberg asked for volunteers to join the committee and review the bylaws. Robert Barclay volunteered.

Community Heroes Luncheon

Michele Faulk said that she has not yet secured a speaker for the luncheon. She said there Joan Turner, who is Outreach Coordinator for the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, agreed to speak if another speaker was not found. She said that securing a speaker is frequently difficult because politicians are often unable to commit far in advance, and private speakers often expect an honorarium.

Ms. Faulk also said Delois Pope would be on the nominating committee

Ms. Faulk asked if there any new nominees for hero luncheon honorees. Virgie Sandifer asked why we don’t honor more members from the committee. Several members participated in a discussion about avoiding having too many honorees from the committee membership. Art Singleton pointed out that the event is a way of giving back to the community and raising awareness about the committee.

Committee Participation

Michele Faulk pointed out that several committees are under served and called for committee members to join.


D.J. McGuire discussed the current state of redistricting.   The Virginia Federal District court had ordered a redrawing of the House of Delegates districts, and approved the map which was put forward in January, and it is most likely that the new map will be placed in effect.  The new map affects Suffolk in that Suffolk will only include parts of the 64th and 76th Districts. The 64th District in Suffolk will be unchanged, and the remainder of Suffolk which included parts of the 76th, 77th, and 80th Districts, will all be in the 76th District, and Suffolk will be the lead committee of the 76th. Mr. McGuire said that the redrawn 76th District will +15 Democrat, which places the current Republican Delegate Chris Jones, in jeopardy if Democrats have a candidate to challenge him.

Virginia Organizing Grass Roots Gathering

Tony Jones from Virginia Organizing announced the upcoming Grassroots Gathering which would take place on May 23rd in Norfolk. He said the gathering would consist of workshops including workshops on how the General Assembly works, how to conduct one on one’s, story telling, fundraising and other topics.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:34

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