ERA Rally on Crossover Day-Feb 5

February 5th is crossover and elected officials and ERA supporters are working to ensure a floor vote for SJ284 after crossover. Kati Hornung of VARatifyera recently sent an email to ERA supporters encouraging them to be up on the steps of the Capitol.

We do not want to be sidelined / silenced down at the Bell Tower and are working with the Governor’s office to be up on the steps of the Capitol. The weather is supposed to be 65-70 that day and our elected officials will be in session during that time so if we are loud they will hear us inside the building. If we go with some simple/clear chants of E-R-A it may even be something they can hear / catch in the official session video recording.

Of course, everyone around the state is invited and we would love for you to be involved. We are casting a wide net and everyone is invited / encouraged to step in/up as leaders in their localities. Please forward to other organizers / spread the word and if you’d like to take a leadership position in organizing this event, just let us know!

More details about meeting time and place will be posted here. To get info right from VARatifyERA, sign up!