ERA Ratification has been Passed By Indefinitely – But Don’t Let it Go Without a Fight!

The ERA has been passed by indefinitely by a subcommittee of the Republican controlled Privileges and Elections Committee.
It’s okay. The four Republican delegates in the subcommittee have gotten their first “ignore the ERA vote” out of their system. Bless their hearts! It is expected that the full P&E committee will move the resolution from P&E Subcommittee #1 to the full P&E Committee either this Friday or the following Friday. This cannot be allowed to go by without a fight! We need people to IMMEDIATELY CALL the following Representatives to tell them we want the ERA brought to the floor of the House and ratified: “The Big Four” (call any day, all day, about the ERA)
Speaker Kirk Cox (Speaker of the House) – 804.698.1066
Delegate Todd Gilbert (House Majority Leader) – 804.698.1015
Delegate Tim Hugo (House Caucus Leader) – 804.698.1040
Delegate Chris Jones (Budget – sits on P&E committee) – 804.698.1076
P&E Committee – need 2 yes votes from Republicans
(or 1 yes vote and someone out of the room / abstaining)
Delegate Les Adams
Delegate Mark Cole (hard no – chief patron of HJ695)
Delegate Buddy Fowler (hard no – patron of HJ695)
Delegate Christopher Head (presumed hard no)
Delegate Riley Ingram (voted no today)
Delegate Chris Jones
Delegate Steve Landes
Delegate Jay Leftwich
Delegate John McGuire (voted no today)
Delegate Israel O’Quinn
Delegate Margaret Ransone (hard no – press conference)
Delegate Nick Rush Republican Delegates signed on to SJ284
Delegate Roxann Robinson
Delegate Chris Stolle
Delegate David Yancey
Republicans Who Patroned in 2018
Delegate Bob Thomas (co-patron of HJ129)
Delegate Chris Peace (co-patron of HJ129)
Delegate John McGuire (co-patron of HJ129 – no vote today)