Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 11, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:34pm by chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The committee did not have a quorum.

The following officers were present or not present as indicated:

Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Present
Verjena Jones First Vice Chair Present
Michele Faulk Third Vice Chair Not Present
D.J. McGuire Fourth Vice Chair Not Present
Catherine Anson Treasurer Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present



The minutes from October and November were distributed. Mr. Goldberg told the committee that there were two corrections to the October minutes that were made.

Mr. Goldberg also noted that Dorothy Waddell and Helen Flynn were on the October minutes in the list of executive committee members but not the November list because they have stepped down from their positions.

There were no new corrections suggested on either the October or November Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson distributed the Treasurer’s Report, which was approved. Ms. Anson pointed out the cost of Quickbooks has increased from $15 a month to $20 a month. She also said that the committee received the refund for the 3rd District Gala, which was canceled.


Bylaws Changes

Leslie Rinaldi said that the bylaws changes which were approved in October were incorporated into the bylaws. She had a printed copy of the new bylaws. Benjamin Goldberg also printed and distributed copies of the pages of the bylaws which had been changed.

A member noted that the meeting time was listed incorrectly in the bylaws.

Outlaws Committee Change

Mr. Goldberg suggested another change to the bylaws, which was moving the Issues Committee out from under the Outreach Committee. He said it would reduce the burden of the Outreach chair and of members of both committees, and also make organizational sense.

Pot Luck

Leslie Rinaldi announced that the next meeting will be the annual pot luck. She had a signup sheet for dishes. She said that the committee will be making calls to invite people who volunteered for the campaign and other people who expressed interest in the committee.

Membership Dues Due in January

Leslie Rinaldi reminded the committee that dues are due in January, as per a change in the bylaws.

Events Committee / Heroes Luncheon

Michele Faulk said the heroes luncheon will be on April 27, which is the last Saturday in April. Ms. Faulk noted that the nominating committee is separate from the luncheon planning committee. She said the nominating committee needs three members, one of whom should have been on the nominating committee previously.

Ms. Faulk said that tickets will be available for January’s meeting. She said the events committee is discussing the price of the tickets, which were $30 last year, because the cost of venue has increased.

Ms. Faulk said the speaker for the event has not been named. A request has been sent to New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ms. Faulk asked Benjamin Goldberg to put a notice that our nominations are open. She asked that the notice be placed on our website but not our Facebook page.

Volunteers Needed for Committees and Positins

Leslie Rinaldi reminded everyone that volunteers are needed for all committees. She also said we need a Sargent at Arms

Gift for LeOtis Williams

Leslie Rinaldi said that the committee has been giving a present to LeOtis Williams at the end of the year in recognition for the meeting space which he allowed us to use for free, for one hour each month. This year, however, we have been using the space for hours each month, and paying for only one hour. The cost is now $720 a year, and asked opinions about continuing to give him the gift. For the past two years the gift was worth $200.

Various opinions were given. Some members, including Delois Pope, felt we should continue with the $200 gift since the one free hour Mr. Williams has been giving us is unchanged. Others, including Benjamin Goldberg felt we should reduce the gift to $100 because of the yearly cost of $720. Mr. Goldberg also mentioned a possible gift to Gary Outlaw, who normally opens and closes the building for our meetings. Mr. Goldberg mentioned that we sometimes go overtime.

The discussion was tabled because the committee had no quorum.

VARatify Postcard Writing Party

Leslie Rinaldi said that she has some notes concerning goals for 2019, some of which come from the DPVA. She said that all state delegates and senators are up for reelection. She also mentioned redistricting.

Ms. Rinaldi said that she felt the committee should be involved in the Equal Rights Amendment. She said there would be a postcard writing party at Lisa Jackson’s house the following Thursday, 6:30. Michele Faulk and Catherine Anson also said the following Wednesday would be the Suffolk City Council Meeting

Michele Faulk clarified that Lisa Jackson is holding her postcard writing party as part of VARatify. Ms. Rinaldi said that VARatify is trying to get wide coalition of people of various political positions involved in getting Virginia to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.


Leslie Rinaldi said that depending on the results of redistricting, the Suffolk Democratic Committee will be in only the 64th and the 76th House of Delegates districts. She also said that the Suffolk Democratic Committee would be the primary Democratic committee for the 76th district, so we would have to decide such things as primary vs caucus for nomination of delegate.

D.J. McGuire said that several maps have been proposed but all are the same for Suffolk, which, if the any of the maps are approved, will move all of Suffolk which is not in the 76th or the 64th House of Delegates districts into the 76th district. The 64th district will remain unchanged. He also said a Democratic candidate would likely win in the 76th district.

Candidate for 76th District

During the discussion of redistricting, D.J. McGuire said that he feels we should run a candidate for the 76st House of Delegates district. Clint Jenkins said we need a strong candidate and said that Robert Barclay, who was in attendance, would be a strong candidate.

Mr. Barclay introduced himself but said he was not at the meeting to talk about running for office but to become active in the committee again after being unable to do so for a period of time for personal reasons. He said he had not thought about running for office until Ms. Rinaldi mentioned it earlier. He said he used to be on the Suffolk City Council and had been chair of the Portsmouth Democratic Committee. He is currently an attorney at Cooper Spong & Davis. He said that there are a lot of factors to consider since redistricting is not finalized and we don’t know if Chris Jones would run again, but he’s not against the idea. He also said that a Democratic candidate would have better advantage in 2021 because of the governor’s election.

Quick Books

While giving the Treasurer’s Report, Catherine Anson noted the increase of the price of Quickboox from $15 a month to $20 a month and said that she could do the accounting without Quickbooks, but in response to questions said there are features in Quickbooks that make her job easier, such as reports and coordinating data with the bank.

Teaming up with Other Organizations

Leslie Rinaldi said she felt the committee could team up with organizations such as People for the American Way.

Catherine Anson said that it would be good if the committee were to sponsor an organization such as the local women’s shelter. She said that sponsorship could include committee members donating items.