Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Endorsement of Candidates of October 9th 20 18


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi.  The following officers were present or not present as indicated

Leslie RinaldiChairpersonPresent
Verjena JonesFirst Vice ChairPresent
Dorothy WaddellSecond Vice ChairNot Present
Michele FaulkThird Vice ChairPresent
D.J. McGuireFourth Vice ChairNot Present
Catherine AnsonTreasurerPresent
Benjamin GoldbergRecording SecretaryPresent
Helen FlynnSargent at ArmsNot Present

Review and Acceptance of Reports


The minutes of both August and September were reviewed.  The minutes of August had not been approved at September’s meeting because the meeting did not have a quorum.  Catherine Anson made two separate motions to accept the minutes.  The motions passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson distributed copies of the treasurer’s report, which was approved for filing.


Endorsement of Candidates

The committee voted to endorse the following candidates:

Suffolk City Council Suffolk Borough: Art C. Bredemeyer

Suffolk City School Board Cypress Borough: Karen L. Jenkins

Suffolk City School Board Suffolk Borough: Tyron D. Riddick

The committee voted on the endorsements listed above and on Chuckatuck Borough, for which Diane Foster was seeking the committee’s endorsement.   The committee chose not to endorse for Chuckatuck.

Ms. Rinaldi explained that although the committee would vote as a whole on each of the endorsements during this meeting, future plans are to have borough members to vote only on their own candidates.

Candidates had been invited to speak to the committee prior to the committee’s decision on each race.

Suffolk Borough Schoolboard Candidate Thelma Hinton had not received the original invitation due to an error on the part of the committee, but was invited later when the error was discovered.  Catherine Anson stated that it was her fault that Ms. Hinton did not received the email.

Ms. Hinton explained that she could not address the committee.  Benjamin Goldberg asked Ms. Hinton to clarify that she was seeking the endorsement of the committee.  Ms. Hinton said that she was.  Ms. Hinton left the meeting afterward.

In addition to Ms. Hinton, Candidates who addressed the committee where Cypress Borough Schoolboard Candidate Karen Jenkins, Suffolk Borough Schoolboard Candidate Tyron Riddick, Chuckatuck schoolboard candidate Diane Foster, and Suffolk Borough City Council Candidate Arthur Bredemeyer. 

Councilman Don Goldberg, who was also a candidate for reelection as the Suffolk Borough City Councilman but stated that he was not seeking the committee’s endorsement, addressed the committee after the votes. 

Bylaws Changes

Proposed bylaws changes were passed out.  The handouts included comparisons of original text and proposed text.  The proposed text and motions were as follows 

Prorated Membership

Under Article III, Members, Section 5 Dues

Remove “Such dues shall be payable no later than the regular meeting of the SDC conducted in the month following their anniversary of membership.” And replace it with “For any new member that joins the committee after January, such member’s dues will be at $2.00 per month for each month remaining in the calendar year.  Thereafter, such dues will be $25.00 annually, payable in January.”

Jack Crowley motioned to have this change accepted and the motion passed.

Responsibility of Precinct and Borough Committee to Vet Candidates

Under Article V Committees, Section 2 Standing Sub-Committees part (d) Precinct and Borough Committee

After the first sentence add “They shall, by precinct, investigate and vet any non-partisan electoral candidate requesting endorsement of the committee and present their findings to the committee prior to the committee’s endorsement vote.”

Kevin Fowler motioned to have this change accepted and the motion passed

Endorsement of Local Candidates

Under Article VII, Participation in Electoral Process, Section 1 Endorsement of Candidates in Non-Partisan Elections, Second Paragraph

Extend the fist sentence with “, after receipt of the vetting report and results from the Precinct and Borough Committee as defined in Article V, Section 2, Paragraph (d).”  and add, after the last sentence, “Candidates who receive SDC endorsement shall be eligible to place their campaign signs and literature at all SDC events or functions, subject to campaign laws.  Non endorsed candidates’ campaign materials will not be permitted at any SDC function or event.”

Jack Crowley motioned to have this change accepted and the motion passed.

Pancake Breakfast

Michele Faulk gave a summary of the pancake breakfast.  She said the breakfast was a success and congratulated Delois Pope and Orga Boone for their hard work in putting it together.  The event was attended by Congressmen Bobby Scott and Don McEachin, Delegate Cliff Hayes and several local elected officials and candidates.  The event had 20 volunteers.

Peanut Fest

Michele Faulk also presented a report on Peanut Fest. The festival was less well attended this year than last year, but it was still successful for the Suffolk Democratic Committee.  Two visitors filled out membership applications.  The event had 32 volunteers

Democratic Campaign

Daniel Pinelli of the Democratic Campaign’s Suffolk Field Office said that since June 1st, volunteers made 13000 contact attempts during canvassing, and made 2105 contacts, and made 10963 calls with 761 contacts.   He said there are still eight thousand people with whom to make contact and asked for volunteers to meet with him after the meeting

Gimme5 Contest

Catherine Anson announced that the committee is holding a contest in which the winner will be chosen based on who’s referrals lead to the most donations via ActBlue.  Ms Anson and Benjamin Goldberg both explained aspects of the web application.   Mr. Goldberg said the application is accessible through the main menu on the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s home page. 

3rd District Gala

Jack Crowley moved to have the committee sponsor a table for the 3rd District Gala, for which chairperson Leslie Rinaldi would be recognized.  The motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30