Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 11, 2018


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Michele Faulk. The committee did not have a quorum. The following officers were present or absent as indicated

Name Position Presence
Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Absent
Verjena Jones First Vice Chair Present
Dorothy Waddell Second Vice Chair Absent
Michele Faulk Third Vice Chair Present
DJ McQuire Fourth Vice Chair Absent
Catherine Anson Treasurer/Correspondence Secretary Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present
Helen Flynn Sargent at Arms Absent

Review of Reports


The minutes of August were reviewed. Acceptance of minutes is pending review of a quorum.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and filed


Peanut Fest

Michele Faulk reminded the committee that Peanut Fest was to be from Thursday, October 4th through Sunday, October 7th, and expressed the importance of having volunteers. She said that handling of the admission passes will be done in a similar fashion as in previous years, and that volunteers will receive more information

Taste of Suffolk

Michele Faulk said the committee had a fabulous success at Taste of Suffolk. She said we registered fifteen voters and had eight volunteers sign up as campaign volunteers. Ms. Faulk also said there were several visitors and passersby who were happy to see Democrats represented at the event. She said that Bobby Scott also visited.

Pancake Breakfast

Orga Boone discussed the then upcoming Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. She said she had made a volunteer assignment list based on what volunteers had done last year and asked for more volunteers to sign up. She asked volunteers to arrive at 7:15. The Pancake Breakfast fundraiser was to take place on September 22nd. Catherine Anson said that 91 tickets had been paid for out of 199 that were given to committee members to sell.

Positions to be filled: Outreach Chair and Sargent at Arms

Michele Faulk said that Dorothy Waddell has to step down from the position of Outreach Committee chairperson, and that Helen Flynn had to step down as Sargent at Arms. The committee is looking for replacements.
Ms. Faulk said that there was to be an Outreach Committee meeting on September 17th.


Michele Faulk said that there is phone banking on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the campaign office on Washington street and also on Thursdays in Northern Suffolk. She said there is also door to door canvassing. Those wishing to volunteer should contact the campaign organizer, Daniel Pinelli.

Bylaws Changes and Endorsement of Candidates

Michele Faulk said that local candidates will be invited to participate in the next meeting and that the committee will hold votes to endorse those candidates. The endorsement of local candidates is not authorized in the committee’s bylaws and a change in bylaws is pending.

Guest Speakers

Herb Jones for District 3

Herb Jones of New Kent has announced his candidacy to represent Virginia’s 3rd District in the Virginia House of Delegates. Mr. Jones served in the U.S. Army for 30 years and is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He said the biggest reason he decided to run is Medicaid expansion.
He clarified that the election for 3rd District Delegate is in 2019, and that for now we should be concentrating on winning the 2018 elections.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:38.