Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 14, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:39 by chairperson Leslie Rinaldi. The committee did not have a quorum.

The following officers were present or not present as indicated

Name Position Attendance
Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Present
Verjena Jones-Gaynor First Vice-Chair (Membership) Present
Dorothy Waddell Second Vice-Chair (Outreach) Not Present
Michele Faulk Third Vice Chair (Events) Present
D.J. McGuire Fourth Vice-Chair (Precincts) Present
Catherine Anson Treasurer Present
Helen Flynn Sergeant at Arms Not Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present

Routine Reports

Minutes of July, 2018

The minutes were reviewed and accepted

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the Treasurer’s Report. Ms. Anson noted that the report indicates more spending than fundraising

Business and Discussions

Upcoming Events: Pancake Breakfast, Taste of Suffolk, Voter Registration

Michele Faulk presented the Events Committee report. Ms. Faulk said the events committee had met on the 31st. She said Taste of Suffolk was to be Saturday, September 8th, and the Pancake Breakfast on September 22nd. She said Delois Pope and Orga Boone are organizing the Pancake Breakfast, and Catherine Anson is handling ticket sales.

Ms. Faulk also said voter registration events are being planned.

National Night Out

Michele Faulk said National Night Out was very successful. Other organizations joined SDC in registering voters at various locations throughout the city. At the previous meeting, SDC had five sites planned for voter registration but with other groups, there were eleven. Organizations participating in voter registration were Deltas, Zetas, NAACP, and United Citizens Power

Campaign Office Opening Event

Catherine Anson told the committee that the Coordinated Campaign office would be holding an event to celebrate its opening on Saturday, August 18th. Tim Kaine would join us

Bylaws Committee Meeting and Candidate Endorsements

Leslie Rinaldi announced that a bylaws committee meeting would be held on August 21st to discuss, among other issues, policy concerning endorsement and support of borough candidates. This would include policy about hosting candidate literature at our tent at Peanut Fest.

Ms. Rinaldi said that a candidate has asked for the committee’s endorsement. Members of that candidate’s borough were asked to vote on endorsing that candidate but there were not enough votes to endorse.


Catherine Anson said the finance committee would meet on August 16 to discuss fundraising. Fundraising plans include an online campaign involving social media.

Virginia Organizing

Tony Jones from Virginia Organizing told us about the Virginia Organizing Grassroots Gathering which will be September 28-30, 2018 at the Airfield Conference Center Wakefield, VA. The event will consist of several workshops including issues discussions and strategies for activism.

Franklin Democratic Committee

Ricky Sykes and Franklin Councilman Gregory McLemore, who are Chair and Vice Chair of the Franklin Democratic Committee, joined us last night. They mentioned that the Franklin Democratic Committee will be giving away school supplies during the Franklin County Back to School bash on August 18th.

Action Item: Resist Brett Kavanaugh

Leslie Rinaldi asked that we call our Senators and tell them to oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme court.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM