Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 10, 2018


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Leslie Rinaldi at 6:37 PM. The following officers were present:

Name Position Presence
Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Present
Verjena Jones-Gaynor First Vice-Chair (Membership) Present
Dorothy Waddell Second Vice-Chair (Outreach) Not Present
Michele Faulk Third Vice-Chair (Events) Present
D.J. McGuire Fourth Vice-Chair (Precincts) Present
Catherine Anson Treasurer Present
Helen Flynn Sergeant at Arms Not Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present


Accept Minutes Kevin Fowler Passed – pending corrections
Accept Treasurer s Report Kevin Fowler Passed

Routine Reports


Minutes of June’s meeting were passed out. Kevin Fowler noticed the start time for National Night Out was incorrect and Benjamin Goldberg noticed that Daniel Pinelli’s email address was incorrect. National Night Out was to begin at 5:00 PM and Daniel Pinelli’s email address is daniel.pinelli@virginiavictory.org. Mr. Goldberg said he would make corrections. The minutes were accepted with the assurance that corrections would be made.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was passed out and accepted

Business & Discussions

National Night Out

Michele Faulk announced that volunteers will have 5 locations and possibly 6 locations covered for National Night Out. She asked that any members who know of events in their communities let her know, and to ask the organizer of their community’s event if they can have a table for voter registration, or if they can walk around and do voter registration. She noted that we cannot hand out partisan literature during voter registration, although rules may be different for different events throughout the city.

Pancake Breakfast

Michele Faulk noted that Delois Pope and Orga Boone will be organizing the pancake breakfast. Delois Pope passed around a signup sheet for National Night Out volunteers. Ms. Pope and Ms. Faulk emphasized that although the pancake breakfast is hosted by Applebees, committee members will be performing tasks such as assisting in the kitchen, cleaning up, serving, and seating guests. Ms. Faulk also noted that the committee has had a good relationship with Abblebees on Main Street, but we have not worked with the Applebees on College Drive, which is where the event will be this year.

Leslie Rinaldi asked all members to be responsible for selling 10 tickets. She said the event should be considered a voter empowerment and awareness event.

Art Singleton asked if Lionell Spruill, who had been a large supporter of the event in the past, was invited. Ms. Faulk said state and local officials have received a calendar of events, and that she will also be sending them updates about the pancake breakfast.

Outreach Report / Campaign Office / Campaigning

Leslie Rinaldi announced that a coordinated campaign office has opened in Suffolk at 318 West Washington Street. The coordinated campaign is to reelect Senator Tim Kaine and our congressmen Donald McEachin and Bobby Scott. Our field representative is Daniel Pinelli. Mr. Pinelli will be doing phone banking on Tuesdays from the office as well as from Panera Bread in North Suffolk on Thursdays. Mr. Pinelli will also be canvassing on Saturdays and Sundays. He is also looking for personnel to staff the office. Ms. Rinaldi mentioned Mr. Pinelli’s contact information, which is 828-707-4307, and daniel.pinelli@virginiavictory.org.


Catherine Anson announced plans to hold a fundraising contest via Facebook. The prize would be a dinner or a comparable prize, and the goal would be to get the most number of referrals. Ms. Anson said we cannot rely on the pancake breakfast to be our only fundraiser. She also discussed other ideas such as selling items during Peanut Fest. The committee also discussed other forms of fundraising such as auctions. It was noted that selling items at Peanut Fest, especially food items, involves getting appropriate licensing and permission. It was also noted that holding raffles is not in compliance with FEC rules.

D.J. McGuire said he would join the finance committee.

Precinct Organization Committee Report

D.J. McGuire said he was unable to hold a previously scheduled precinct committee meeting and, the meeting has been rescheduled for the Thursday following the Suffolk Democratic Committefe meeting. Mr. McGuire said he wants to ensure every precinct is staffed, including watchers inside and greeters outside. He also would like to have drivers if needed. Mr. McGuire said that for the previous election, many volunteers worked for thirteen hours at the polls, and he doesn’t want that to happen again.

Tech Committee Report

Benjamin Goldberg noted that there is some trouble with the robocall system. He noted that Votebuilder will not call cell phones because calling cell phones is in violations of FEC rules. The system that the committee is using will call cell phones, but it is important to be sure that people being called are OK with receiving those calls.

Don McEachin’s Office

Mary Burroughs-Gray, District Representative for Donald McEachin, spoke about working at the office in Suffolk. She emphasized that there are rules in place to ensure that work done on behalf of Congressman McEachin as a representative is separate from any campaigning and that no campaign business should be done by office personnel during business hours.
She said the campaign office is at 131 North Saratoga Street.

Voter Registration

Benjamin Goldberg said that the Suffolk Library will be holding a voter registration drive July 16-20, and the library has asked the Suffolk Democratic Committee to participate.

Nicole Randolf said that there will be voter registration training at East End Baptist Church on Thursday, July 12.

Media Misinformation

Leslie Rinaldi presented training on media disinformation. She discussed the Media Bias chart from the website, All Generalizations are False. She also discussed false information being passed on social media, and tricks used to pass false information such as cloning profiles.

The committee also discussed the importance of contacting legislators and being active on issues. D.J. McGuire also mentioned the Virginia Legislative Information System at lis.virginia.gov and the Richmond Sunlight. Jack Crowley mentioned VPAP.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Upcoming Events


Community Leaders Luncheon

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July Monthly Meeting

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm178 E Washington St

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