Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 8, 2018


Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi, on April 10, 2018, at 6:37 PM at LW’s Center at 701 Old East Pinner Street. The following officers were present or not present as noted:

Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Present
Verjena Jones-Gaynor First Vice-Chair (Membership) Present
Dorothy Waddell Second Vice-Chair (Outreach) Present
Michele Faulk Third Vice-Chair (Events) Not Present
D.J. McGuire Fourth Vice-Chair (Precincts) Not Present
Catherine Anson Treasurer Present
Helen Flynn Sergeant at Arms Not Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present

Recurring Business & Reports


Copies of the minutes of April 10th were handed out. Jack Crowley moved to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Anson presented the treasurer’s report, as well as a financial report from the Heroes Luncheon. Ms. Anson said that the committee sold 123 tickets. Ms. Anson also requested members join the finance committee to help fundraise. Kevin Fowler motioned to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion passed.

Continued Business

Heroes Luncheon

Dorothy Waddell presented the Heroes Luncheon report. She said there were 99 people in attendance. Members donated 12 tickets to cover the cost of the honorees and special guests.

Ms. Waddell said there were some discrepancies concerning the services that the hotel should have provided, and that Michele Faulk would discuss those issues with the hotel. She also passed out feedback forms.

Ms. Waddell also said that the committee was considering changing the date of the Heroes Luncheon to the last Saturday in April. There were some discussions about various dates and conflicts with other events that generally come up at the end of Spring, but the membership agreed that the Heroes Luncheon committee should look into changing the date.

Leslie Rinaldi said that people in attendance were impressed with the professionalism of the event.

Shake Rattle, and Roll

Dorothy Waddell told the committee that Shake Rattle and Roll would occur on the weekend following the meeting. She said that candy donations were needed and she also asked for volunteers.

Pancake Breakfast

Dorothy Waddell also told the committee that the Pancake Breakfast will be taking place September 22nd, and that tickets were now available. She also said she had a flyer to hand out and asked committee members to sell tickets for the event. Tickets are to be sold for $10 each.

Ms. Waddell pointed out that the Pancake Breakfast is the committee’s main fundraising event. Other events such as the Heroes Luncheon are not primarily fundraising events. She suggested that people who cannot attend be encouraged to make a donation or purchase tickets that can be donated to others who cannot afford to attend.

Voter Registration

Dorothy Waddell said that volunteers held voter registration events at Suffolk high schools as well as Turlington Woods school and Prudent Center. Volunteers accepted 66 completed registration forms and handed out 20.

New Business

Membership for Cleopatra Johnson, Robert Kearney, Demetria Tucker, and Becky Raveson

Benjamin Goldberg suggested that three prospective members who paid dues since reorganization should be voted in Members to be voted in were: Cleopatra Johnson, Robert Kearney, and Demetria Tucker. Kevin Fowler moved to approve the three. The motion passed.

Mr. Goldberg also included a fourth member, Becky Raveson, but Ms. Waddell pointed out that Ms. Raveson had been voted in at the previous meeting, and other members confirmed that she was. Mr. Goldberg said he would correct his records accordingly.

3rd District Blue Diamond Awards Banquet

Beverly Outlaw announced the upcoming Blue Diamond Awards Banquet, which is a celebration of outstanding members of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. Ms. Outlaw noted that Suffolk used to be entirely in the 4th Congressional district but is currently split between the 3rd and the 4th. She said that they are looking to identify members to be honored.

Canvassing and Phone Banking Evens

Dorothy Waddell announced that the Outreach Committee would hold their first phone bank on May 15th at 5 PM at Panera on Main Street and that the Outreach Committee is working to set up phone banking in North Suffolk as well.

Ms. Waddell also announced the first canvassing event of the season would be Sunday, May 19th at 10 AM. Canvassers were to meet at Kroger parking lot in North Suffolk. This canvassing event would include voter registration. Committee members noted that there are a lot of new residents in the area.

Information about Medicaide Expansion

Leslie Rinaldi told the committee that a vote on Medicaid expansion would be held soon. She noted that up to 11 adults in Virginia die due to lack of health care, and 700,000 Virginians are still in need of health care coverage. She noted that 32 states have expanded Medicaid and have benefited from doing so. Ms. Rinaldi encouraged members to make phone calls to their representatives to express their support for expansion.

Ms. Rinaldi showed two videos about Medicaid expansion.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:41