Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 10, 2018

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Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Leslie Rinaldi, on April 10, 2018, at 6:41 PM at LW’s Center at 701 Old East Pinner Street. The following officers were present or not present as noted:

Leslie Rinaldi Chairperson Present
Vergena Jones-Gaynor First Vice-Chair (Membership) Not Present
Dorothy Waddell Second Vice-Chair (Outreach) Not Present
Michele Faulk Third Vice-Chair (Events) Present
D.J. McGuire Fourth Vice-Chair (Precincts) Not Present
Benjamin Goldberg Recording Secretary Present
Helen Flynn Sergeant at Arms Present

Recurring Business & Reports


Copies of the minutes of March 14th were handed out. Kevin Fowler moved to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the treasurer’s report were handed out. Catherine Anson noted format changes to the treasurer’s report and explained that the new report is more concise. Ms. Anson asked for any comments about the new format. Kevin Fowler moved to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion passed


No new members were considered due to the absence of the membership chairperson.

Events Committee Report

Michele Faulk announced that the Events Committee was to meet on April 17th at 5:30 at Panera on Main Street. Ms. Faulk discussed upcoming events Heroes Luncheon, Shake Rattle and Roll, National Night Out, and the Pancake Breakfast.

Outreach Committee Report

Michele Faulk presented the Outreach Committee report on behalf of Dorothy Waddell. The Outreach Committee met on March 22nd. Dorothy Waddell contacted the campaign director for the Kaine Campaign. The campaign has not hired field organizers yet but they plan to have FO’s in all of the surrounding cities. The campaign is now emphasizing voter registration, and the Outreach Committee is planning voter registration events. The Issues Committee (part of Outreach) met on April 8th.

Regular phone banks will be scheduled to recruit volunteers at the next Outreach Committee meeting.

The next Outreach Committee meeting will be April 19th at Panera at 5:00.

Issues Committee Training

The Issues Committee presented training on Medicaid expansion.

The Honorable Cliff Hayes, Delegate for district 77.

Delegate Cliff Hayes addressed the committee. He noted the commitment and organization of the Suffolk Democratic Committee.

Delegate Hayes explained how Medicaid expansion passed in the House of Delegates and is in the Governor’s budget, but has not yet passed in the Virginia Senate. He noted that some Senators are close to flipping.

Continued Business

Heroes Luncheon

Michele Faulk announced that our guest speaker would be the Honorable Justin Fairfax. Delegate Cliff Hayes will introduce Lt. Governor Fairfax. She urged members to get their tickets sold.

Voter Registration Efforts

Leslie Rinaldi announced that the committee will participate in voter registration events at local high schools. Ms. Rinaldi said that LaSandra Tucker is coordinating dates.

New Business

Shake Rattle and Roll

Michele Faulk announced that the next upcoming event is Shake Rattle and Roll on May 12. She handed out a list for volunteers.

National Night Out

Michele Faulk requested that volunteers begin to contact her about participating in National Night Out.

Pancake Breakfast

Michele Faulk announced that we are anticipating the Pancake Breakfast to be held on September 22, or possibly September 29th. It has not yet been booked because of issues with our tax ID number, which Ms. Faulk is working to get clarified. Ms. Faulk said that the event will take place at Applebee’s in Northern Suffolk because the Applebee’s in downtown Suffolk, where the event has been held, is no longer available.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 pm