Canvassing Saturday

Today, we got the infuriating news that the Republicans in the House passed their horrible health care bill without getting report from the CBO. We all have work to do to make sure it doesn’t pass the Senate.

We also have a primary coming up and it is important to make sure people get out to the polls. The higher numbers we have during the primaries, the higher our general election numbers will be. Keeping Democrats in the executive branch in Virginia is our only buffer to an all out Trump agenda. Unfortunately, history tells us Democrats are less likely to turn out during off year elections, so we need your help. The deadline to register to vote for the primary is May 22nd so time is of the essence for us to get information out to Progressives in our community. Our door hangers are a great way to reach out to voters.

This Saturday, we will be canvassing in the Huntersville neighborhood to put door hangers with information about the primary and general and deadlines for registering to vote. The canvass runs from 10:00-1:00. We will be meeting at the corner of Camilla Dr. and Old College Drive at 10:00 sharp.

Please let me know [ contact form ] if you can join us.
Thanks and hope to see you Saturday!


PS. Next Saturday, May 13th we are planning a canvass from 10-1, followed by a meeting from 2-4 at the Suffolk Memorial Library on West Washington Street in downtown Suffolk. We hope you can join us!

Dorothy J. Waddell
SDC Outreach Chairperson