Vote NO on Amendment 1.

We’re passing along this advice from an email, from New Virginia Majority

On Virginia’s ballot this year is a constitutional amendment that would put Virginia’s existing anti-worker, anti-family law into the state constitution.

Amendment 1 is full of misplaced priorities by the General Assembly. Instead of working to create good jobs or improve schools, our state lawmakers want to elevate an existing law and make it an amendment to the constitution. Amendment 1 is anti-worker, a waste of time, and does not deserve to be in the Virginia constitution. It’s unnecessary, costly and nearly impossible to reverse.
Anti-worker laws backed by corporate interests have devastated the economies of many U.S. states, and have proven to be disastrous to communities and the economy. They are associated with lower wages and benefits for both union and nonunion workers, and attack the very pillars of quality jobs.

All workers should have the right to organize for better working conditions; an organized workforce means quality jobs, healthier communities, and a stronger economy. We must protect working families.

Vote NO on Amendment 1.

In solidarity,
Jon Liss
Co-executive Director, New Virginia Majority

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