Today (Saturday) is the Last Day for Early Absentee Voting


Vote in person before Election Day
Sept 23 – Nov 5

If you qualify for excuse-only absentee, you can vote absentee in person using the machine in your Local Voter Registrar’s Office on weekdays during business hours.

Offices are also open on 2 Saturdays, Oct 29 and Nov 5. Some locations may offer additional dates, contact your local voter registrar’s office for details.

Note that you may not qualify for early voting. Examples of valid situations which would qualify you are:

  • Not in your county or city on Election Day, Nov 8, because of work, vacation, or personal reasons
  • A member of US Armed Forces or the spouse or dependent of a member and won’t be in your county or city on Election Day
  • A student or the spouse of a student attending school outside your county or city on Election Day

More qualifiers are listed at

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