Meeting Reminder: Tuesday April 12 at 7pm

Please join us at our meeting Tuesday the 12 at 7pm at LW’s Center, 701 East Old Pinner street. We’ll be discussing the upcoming caucus and the great job that the organizers have done in recruiting delegates, the Hero Luncheon, and other events.

And please remember your hero ticket sales!

Our 8th Annual Community Hero Luncheon will be held on Saturday April 30th, at noon. It will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, 100 East Constance Road.

The committee will be proud to honor Ms. Jean Lee Copeland, Ms. Beverly S. Outlaw, and Mr. Ronald H. Williams.

Jean Copeland has been the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s treasurer for longer than most committee members can remember. She is committed to helping the democratic process run smoothly and frequently volunteers to work the polls on election days. She has served on the Paul D Camp Community College board and as president of the Holy Neck Civic League.

Beverly Outlaw serves on the Suffolk Electoral Board and frequently contributes the Suffolk News Herald. Her volunteer service includes work with the Suffolk Exchange Club to raise money for the prevention of child abuse. She is one of the committee’s most informed members and helps the committee provide accurate and important voter information to the public.

Through the Treasurer’s United Way Golf Tournament, Suffolk City Treasurer Ronald H. Williams has raised over $300,000 for local agencies such as The Genieve Shelter, Western Tidewater Free Clinic, Wounded Warriors, and The Suffolk Education Foundation. He is a member of several local organizations and has held leadership roles in many, such as Suffolk Art League, the Suffolk Lions Club and the Suffolk Retail Merchants Association.

photos of Jean Copeland, Beverly Outlaw, and Ronald Williams