There’s an Election This Tuesday! Every year is an election year in Virginia!

Every year is an election year in Virginia and citizens who live in Virginia’s Senatorial Districts 1 and 3, each of which include portions of Suffolk, have contested races to participate in.

In District 1 we have Senator John Miller running for reelection. John has received the Virginia Education Association’s “Solid as a Rock” award for his commitment to public education and was named “Policymaker of the Year” by the Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education. The Virginia League of Conservation Voters named him a “Legislative Hero” and the Sierra Club has given me an “A+” rating. All that plus an “A” rating from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

In District 3 we have political newcomer Hugo Reyes. Hugo is an Army Aviation Officer and Gulf War veteran. He currently serves as a cyber security planner, leading cyber security policy development for the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal sponsors. Hugo has an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from National University, and Associate of Arts degrees in Photography and Fine Arts from Northern Virginia Community College. He has mentored college students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), is fluent in English and Spanish and is a trained court interpreter. Hugo is a strong supporter of early education, vocational training, and affordable higher education. Hugo is a strong advocate for Veterans benefits and labor unions.

Don’t live in Senatorial Districts 1 or 3? Don’t know? Check your Virginia Department of Elections voter information web site., and get ready to vote Democrat! If you don’t have a contested race in your own district, consider supporting Democratic candidates elsewhere.

Here’s a list of Democratic candidates throughout Virginia in both the State Senate and the House of Delegates. Not all of these races are contested, but you should still get out and show your support. Remember, elections are this coming Tuesday!

Senate 1st District John C. Miller
Senate 2nd District Mamie E. Locke
Senate 3rd District Hugo E. Reyes
Senate 5th District Kenneth Cooper Alexander
Senate 6th District Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr.
Senate 7th District Gary T. McCollum
Senate 8th District H.D. “Dave” Belote
Senate 9th District A. Donald McEachin
Senate 10th District Daniel A. Gecker
Senate 11th District E. “Wayne” Powell
Senate 12th District Deborah M. Repp
Senate 13th District B. Jill McCabe
Senate 17th District Ned L. Gallaway
Senate 18th District L. Louise Lucas
Senate 19th District Michael L. Hamlar
Senate 20th District Kim E. Adkins
Senate 21st District John S. Edwards
Senate 25th District R. Creigh Deeds
Senate 26th District April D. Moore
Senate 29th District Jeremy S. McPike
Senate 30th District Adam P. Ebbin
Senate 31st District Barbara A. Favola
Senate 32nd District Janet D. Howell
Senate 33rd District Jennifer T. Wexton
Senate 34th District J. C. “Chap” Petersen
Senate 35th District Richard L. “Dick” Saslaw
Senate 36th District Scott A. Surovell
Senate 37th District David W. Marsden
Senate 39th District George Lincoln Barker

House 2nd District Joshua L. King
House 11th District S. “Sam” Rasoul
House 12th District Laurie A. Buchwald
House 13th District Donald B. Shaw II
House 21st District Susan B. Hippen
House 24th District Ellen M. Arthur
House 25th District Angela M. Lynn
House 27th District Martin Mooradian Jr.
House 28th District Kandy A. Hilliard
House 31st District Sara E. Townsend
House 32nd District Elizabeth Amy Miller
House 33rd District D. Chuck Hedges
House 34th District Kathleen J. Murphy
House 35th District Mark L. Keam
House 36th District Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum
House 37th District David L. Bulova
House 38th District L. Kaye Kory
House 38th District Vivian E. Watts
House 40th District Jerry L. Foltz
House 41st District Eileen Filler-Corn
House 42nd District Joana C. Garcia
House 43rd District Mark D. Sickles
House 44th District Paul E. Krizek
House 45th District Mark H. Levine
House 46th District Mark H. Levine
House 47th District Patrick A. Hope
House 48th District R. C. “Rip” Sullivan Jr.
House 49th District Alfonso H. Lopez
House 50th District Kyle B. McCullough
House 52nd District Luke E. Torian
House 53rd District Marcus B. Simon
House 55th District Toni L. Radler
House 57th District David J. Toscano
House 61st District Gregory L. Marston
House 62nd District Sheila C. Bynum
House 63rd District Lashrecse D. Aird
House 68th District Bill K. Grogan
House 69th District Betsy B. Carr
House 70th District Delores L. McQuinn
House 71st District Jennifer L. McClellan
House 74th District Lamont Bagby
House 75th District Roslyn C. Tyler
House 77th District Lionell Spruill, Sr
House 79th District Steve E. Heretick
House 80th District Matthew James
House 82nd District William W. “Bill” Fleming
House 86th District Jennifer B. Boysko
House 87th District John J. Bell
House 89th District Daun Sessoms Hester
House 90th District Joseph C. “Joe” Lindsey
House 92nd District Jeion A. Ward
House 93rd District T. “Monty” Mason
House 94th District Shelly A. Simonds
House 95th District Marcia S. “Cia” Price
House 100th District Willie C. Randall