Safe Campus Act Would Make Campuses Less Safe

In an open letter, printed in the Huffington Post, Alex Pinkleton and Victoria Moran explain why they believe that the Safe Campus Act, sponsored by Republicans Matt Salmon, Kay Granger, and Pete Sessions, would make campuses less safe.

Of primary concern is Sec. 163 of the bill, which mandates that survivors must initiate a police proceeding before any action can be taken by the University in regards to incidents of sexual assault. We fear that this provision will exacerbate the already severe problem of the underreporting of sexual assaults.

Pinkleton and Moran go on to explain why this restriction is such a barrier to action.

Currently, the majority of police officers in the United States are not trauma-informed, as it is not a mandatory part of their training. … For these reasons, among others, it is very difficult for a survivor to tell anyone about their assault.