Suffolk Democrats to Honor Three Heroes in Annual Event

The Suffolk Democratic Committee’s 7th Annual Community Hero Luncheon will be held on Saturday May 2nd, at noon. It will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, 100 East Constance Road.

Tickets are available for purchase on-line, from Michele Faulk at 757-334-2980, or from members of the committee. There will be no ticket sales at the door.

The committee will be proud to honor Mr. W. Randolf Carter, Mr. Wallace Cotten, and Mr. Andrew Damiani.

carterRandy Carter is being honored for his work and sponsorship of the SDC Restoration of Rights (RoR) program. He provided the inspiration, training, resources and arranged for a facility for our first workshop in January 2012. He supported our interaction with the Department of Corrections, District 6, to provided needed statements and confirmation of completed Probation/Parole for restoration packets. As the program matured, Mr. Carter assured that the communications and coordination with his and other Clerk, Probation and Commonwealth Offices endured and that we collectively are a recognized Commonwealth of Virginia RoR “Stake Holder” in good standing. Through his good council and professional support the Commonwealth of Virginia now has 63 returned voters through the RoR
program with 5 more currently in process.

cottenWally Cotten is being honored for his volunteerism and service. Mr. Cotten has participated in charity drives from his time in the U.S. Post Office and spearheaded his own drives to assist children in the aftermaths of natural disasters in Haiti and New Orleans. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he drove to New Orleans and helped rebuild homes. He has been instrumental in getting voters registered in Suffolk, often knocking on doors or talking to people on the street in neighborhoods with low voter registration rates. He was chosen to meet candidate Obama in 2008 in recognition for his help with voter registration.

Andy Damiani has tirelessly promoted and sustained Suffolk through a combination of entrepreneurship, volunteering, and giving. Mr. Damiani served as Suffolk’s mayor from 1982 to 1986 and has been a part of Suffolk’s political process for as long as most citizens can remember. During election seasons he conducts interviews with the candidates and airs them on his local show, “Roundtable Talk”, which has been providing citizens with information about their city for two decades. By renovating downtown property, he has been investing in Suffolk for almost 50 years. He started the Downtown Business Association and has tirelessly advocated for downtown development. Mr. Damiani’s devotion to our city’s downtown area has earned him the nickname, “Mr. Downtown”. damiani

Gaylene Kanoyton, First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, will be our guest speaker.