4th District Has a Better Choice

The Virginian-Pilot’s editorial, “4th District needs better choices”, is a succinct description of why Randy Forbes has not been good for Virginia.

Forbes has instead wasted his time in Congress on inconsequential and unnecessarily divisive issues (does Congress need to inform Americans about the role of prayer?) that appeal to a narrow band of the electorate.

Which is all he needs to get re-elected.

But as if the publication was following some unwritten rule not to endorse Randy Forbes’s opponent, the editorial makes a strange excuse for failing to endorse Elliott Fausz: Randy Forbes won’t debate.

The Democrat, running for the first time, is genial enough, but his inexperience shows. He has been unable to persuade Forbes to even join him for a debate.

It makes no sense to cite Fausz’s inexperience as the reason Forbes won’t debate. In the previous two elections, Forbes refused to debate an Army doctor and successful entrepreneur, and he refused to debate a teacher, school administrator, and experienced councilwoman. Randy Forbes won’t debate because he has a lot of campaign money. He doesn’t have to appeal to a majority. He only has to appeal to wealthy supporters and extreme partisans while trying to keep the public unaware that there is a choice in the 4th District.

We have a choice. Elliott Fausz is a smart, young businessman who runs the operations of the Village News in Chester. He is active in his community and organizes the city’s yearly festival, Chesterfest. His goal is to diversify the business of the 4th district so we’re not solely dependent on government contracts to drive the economy. He will vote for seniors, veterans, and children instead of against them, and he will fight those who are lying about health care and doing everything we can to take it away from us.

To help Elliott Fausz in the South Hampton Roads area, contact Kika Ziesk-Socolov from the coordinated campaign for Mark Warner and Elliott Fausz at kika@vavictory2014.org or (917) 768-1163. Elsewhere, visit Elliott Fausz’s campaign page at www.fausz4congress.com/ (or fauszinthehouse.com).

Knock on doors, make phonecalls, post, and tweet #fauszinthehouse to let the citizens of Virginia’s 4th Congressional District know that we have a better choice.

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