With elections and several local events coming up, it’s important for committee members to be informed about issues that are important to us as Democrats. To keep our members, supporters, and the general public aware of the goals that this committee is working towards and why we’re so committed to them, we will occasionally post articles about issues and events including those not directly related to the Suffolk Democratic Committee. To get started and get ready for a season of activity, here’s a few articles that we recommend:

Repairing infrastructure can help repair economy from the Washington Post, By Barry Ritholtz on October 22, 2011

… we have allowed the transportation grid to get old and out of shape. Our interstate highway system is in disrepair; our bridges are rusting away, with some collapsing now and then. The electrical grid is a patchwork of jury-rigged fixes, vulnerable to blackouts and foreign cyberattacks. The cell system of the United States is a laughingstock versus Asia’s or Europe’s coverage. There are very few things that are done better by government mandate than by the free market, but cell coverage is one of them…

Changing Tack, GOP Candidates Support Better Access To Birth Control from National Public Radio, By Mara Liasson on September 12, 2014

A string of Republican candidates for Senate are supporting an issue usually associated with Democrats: increased access to contraception.

U.S. senate to vote on bill easing student loan debt from The Diamondback (University of Maryland) by Jon Banister, September 11, 2014

Student loan interest rates are some of the highest loan interest rates in the country. For example, the national average for mortgage loans is 3.25 percent, according to Bankrate.com. This university’s College Democrats chapter spokesman Steven Palmer said students shouldn’t have to pay such high interest rates

McAuliffe can only go so far on Medicaid expansion from The Rachel Maddow Show by Steve Benen September 9th, 2014

No one can doubt the governor’s efforts – he tried everything he could think of. But in order for Virginia to do the smart and responsible thing, the GOP-led legislature would have to do what policymakers in most states have done: embrace the basic arithmetic of Medicaid expansion.

Raising The Minimum Wage Would Be Good For Wal-Mart, And America from Forbes by Forbes Staff, February 11, 2014

Corporate executives have sometimes recognized these facts over the years. In 2006, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott testified before Congress in favor of a large hike in the minimum wage, arguing that even then Wal-Mart shoppers were becoming too poor to shop at Wal-Mart.