A Terrific Luncheon

The Suffolk Democratic Committee honored three community heroes at our Sixth Annual Community Hero Luncheon. Our three heroes were C. Phillips Ferguson, Jewel Gatling, and Robert E. Stephens. Or heroes each spoke eloquently, as did our guest speaker, Justin Fairfax.

Honorees Ferguson, Gatling & Stephens

Mr. Ferguson was honored for his years of public service and his accomplishments in making the public aware of the services provided by the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Mr. Ferguson oversaw the creation of 25 information pamphlets and made over 125 speaking engagements to inform the public about such subjects as identity theft, gang violence, and internet safety.

Ms. Gatling was honored for her many accomplishments including leading the Suffolk Young Democratic Committee from a fledgling organization to a chartered member of the Hampton Roads Young Democrats. Under her leadership, the Suffolk Young Democrats sponsored food drives, clothing drives, and a drive for goods and services for H.E.R. shelter, a non-profit organization for victims of domestic violence.

Mr. Stephens is a cofounder of Suffolk’s Community Action Coalition, which works with schools, community organizations, and law enforcement to solve problems affecting our youth and help kids stay on track towards a positive future. One of the CAC’s programs is “Be Fight Free”, designed to curb school violence.

Our guest speaker, Justin Fairfax, praised our honorees and spoke about the importance of quiet heroes working together.

Delegate Lionel Spuill and Gail Henderson provided our closing remarks.

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