Agenda for Regular Meeting of Tuesday, April 8th

The meeting will take place a the Farm Fresh community room, 1401 N Main Street, at 7PM.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Introduction of exec committee
  3. Minutes of 2/11 Meeting w/correction
  4. Minutes of 3/11 Meeting
  5. Thank committee for participation in the petition drive
    1. Number of Petitions collection from our district exceeded everyone’s expectation!
  6. Guest Speaker: Keyanna Conner from Mark Warner’s campaign
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Hero’s Luncheon Update
  9. Event & Fundraising Committee Report
  10. Outreach Committee report and call for volunteers (re event committee report)
  11. Media/Technology Report
  12. Membership report
  13. New Business:
    1. New Location and active date: 701 East Old Pinner Street
    2. Opportunities to participate (sub-committee requests for volunteers)