Message from the Chair

I wanted to take some time and put in writing what I envision for this committee. As the Election season kicks into gear and the weather warms up I want to clearly lay out my eight goals for making the Suffolk Democratic Committee great in 2014.

1. First, I want us to take full advantage of Social Media to reach TODAY’s democrats, and do our part to nurture them into TOMORROW’s Leaders.

2. We need to train our members to be the grassroots leaders in shaping our Government to be the America we all can be proud of, trust again, and brick-by-brick reclaim a world we can leave to our children – satisfied in a job well done.

3. We must destruct the tentacles that special interests have sunk into our political policies, our Politicians, our Environment and our very health.

4. We should be reaching out to more Democrats in our neighborhood, our community and our city and continue to engage and encourage all Suffolkians to be a part of our movement – if only just to vote.

5. I want to Increase the awareness and presence of the SDC through phone contact, neighborhood outreach, door-to-door canvassing, social media, public events, media engagement and coordination with our sister cities.

6. We will need to build a financial support structure that can further our grassroots efforts.

7. We must continue educating our neighbors on policies proposed by our elected representatives that affect their day to day lives. This is a key ingredient to bringing awareness of our causes into our community.

8. And finally, I want to continue to increase our numbers. We cannot do all of this without help, the help of the local community.

Our country is under attack. Not from outside forces, but from inside interests. Through derision and prejudice our own politicians are attacking our right to vote, to assemble, to make our own health choices, to form a union to protest, to worship, to live without discrimination and to love who we wish. This is class warfare – plain and simple – so take up arms. If we don’t fight back now, it may be too late.
Our Federal Government has been bought. The Citizen’s United v FEC Supreme Court case allows an unlimited sum of money to infiltrate our political and electoral system. The upcoming McCutcheon v FEC case before the Court promises to make things 10 times worse.

“Corporations are people, my friend” – Mitt Romney

Meanwhile our own Government is making it harder – both overtly (new voter ID-laws) and covertly, (closing polls, redistricting) for us – the people – to take part in our own democratic process.
Many of the Oligarchs who have poured money into our political system extract one-sided bargains in return (looser EPA restrictions, Tax breaks, Subsidies, no oversight or regulations – and escape from criminal prosecution) and in doing so the “Fox is guarding the hen-house”.
And unfortunately, WE are the hens.
With the power and influence to write the rules in their own interest (gaining more money) corporations disregard the public’s best interest, our health, welfare, safety, and our future.
“Money” is not “speech”. Not in a democracy. Not when the “voice” of one can drown out the voice of 100,000.
The best way to fight organized money is with Organized People, because Virginia is NOT for Sale.

I hope you will join me – for a David v Goliath fight that Capitol Hill will never forget – the Many versus the Money.

Leslie Rinaldi, Chair, Suffolk Democratic Committee: