Agenda for Meeting of March 11

1. Membership Committee

a. List of Current Members

b. Rollout and explanation of New Application procedures

c. Present recently received applications for membership and acceptance

d. Acceptance of new Applications

2. James McCollum has volunteered for the 3rd Chair Position

3. Events Committee

a. Hero’s Luncheon Nominee presentation to General Membership

b. Hero’s Luncheon update.

c. Final discussion and vote on the type of event that Hero’s luncheon acceptance. will be.

4. Clint Jenkins has requested our support. He is running for the Cypress Borough City Council position. He is running as a declared Democrat.

5. Prepared additional Subcommittee announcements

a. Outreach committee

b. Warner campaign anticipates opening their field offices in April/May.

c. Upcoming dates to remember

d. Committee Meeting location discussion

6. New plan for 2014 (see hand-out) with concentrated efforts

7. New Committee sign-up requests

8. Turn in all Warner Petitions

9. Adjourn – those with petitions to have notarized should stay behind.