Warner 2014 Ballot Petition

For those about to hit the streets and gather signatures for Mark Warner in Congressional District 4, the following document is provided for your convenience.

Please note the following:

  • Do not sign your own petition.
  • Bring the completed forms with you to our meeting on March 11th.
  • This is a Virginia State Board of Elections form ( with some information filled in for you by the Warner campaign ) and must be printed and handled in accordance with SBE instructions. The following instructions are provided by the SBE:

    The Petition of Qualified Voter form (SBE-506/521) is a two page document (front and back) printed on one piece of 8 ½” x 11″ paper. When you print this form, it should be printed front and back on one 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of paper. If you are unable to print a double-sided print job, you may print two separate pages. However, you must then reproduce/copy the two pages into one page. The front of the petition contains line numbers 1 through 6; the back of the form contains line numbers 7 through 12 followed by the AFFIDAVIT. If you are unable to print or reproduce this form on 8 ½” x 11″ printed back and front, then call our office at 800-552-9745 or 804-864-8901 and we will be glad to send you a form.